MBR vs GPT – Which One You Want to Use

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Have we found this situation: if we supplement a new tough expostulate to your computer, and after opening Windows Disk Management, a prompt summary appears to tell we to initialize this new disk? As a matter of fact, before regulating a new tough drive, hoop initialization is necessary. From a following figure, we know there are dual assign styles including MBR (Master Boot Record) and GPT (GUID Partition Table). Usually, Windows will initialize a hoop to MBR by default.

But after regulating a hoop for a period, it is probable that a assign character of a aim hoop can’t accommodate your demands, and we wish to change a hoop to GPT/MBR. When reading here, we might be wondering: what is a disproportion between MBR and GPT? MBR VS GPT, that one we should use for a improved performance? Read a following partial to learn many information.



MBR is brief for Master Boot Record that means a specific foot zone locating a commencement of a disk. And it contains many information on how a assign is organized. On an MBR disk, we can usually emanate during many 4 primary partitions or 3 primary partitions and one extended assign including many judicious partitions. What’s more, MBR hoop usually supports hoop that is equal or smaller than 2TB. If we use a 3TB disk, a rest partial will uncover unallocated space in Windows Disk Management. More importantly, MBR hoop is concordant with a prior versions of Windows.


On a contrary, on a GPT disk, we can emanate adult to 128 partitions that are primary partitions by default. In hoop size, GPT hoop supports adult to 18EB tough drive. But as for a OS support, a GPT assign character is not famous by some aged systems. In security, GPT hoop provides a aloft confidence given it allows we to redeem a whole assign list from a backup GUID assign header after a certain blunder or emanate appears.

Here we quickly uncover we a disproportion between MBR and GPT, and if we wish to know some-more minute information, click this post – MBR VS GPT: Which One Should Be Chosen for Your SSD. By comparison, to emanate some-more partitions for several record storage or make full use of a incomparable than 2TB disk, it is required to change your hoop to GPT. On a other hand, if we need to implement an aged OS, we advise we to modify GPT to MBR.

Convert to MBR/GPT

How to change your hoop to GPT or MBR? It is not a formidable job. Usually, Windows Disk Management is your initial choice. However, this apparatus will means information loss. When right clicking a hoop we wish to convert, we mostly find “Convert to MBR Disk” or “Convert to GPT Disk” underline is unusable. If we undo all partitions of a disk, a underline can be available. Namely, Disk Management usually allows we to modify an dull hoop to GPT or MBR.

To do a acclimatisation between MBR and GPT, we suggest a third-party assign manager – MiniTool Partition Wizard. This veteran assign program is designed to conduct your hoop safely and efficiently. You can openly download it here. After rising it to a categorical interface, name a hoop we wish to convert, and afterwards click “Convert GPT Disk to MBR Disk” or “Convert MBR Disk to GPT Disk” to start a acclimatisation operation.

MBR and GPT, we should select a correct one according to your needs. If we wish to modify your complement disk, greatfully check either a motherboard supports a assign style. Otherwise, Windows will destroy to boot.

Written by Anna Lan

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