Men Really Love Their Sneakers, And What He Did To Protect His Is Next-Level Funny

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I didn’t unequivocally know this until we had a younger brother, though some group are unequivocally into their sneakers.

Women get indicted all a time of caring about boots too much, though we haven’t seen crazy until you’ve seen a grown male with his basketball sneaker obsession. In some ways, we get it. They cost a whole garland of money, so you’ve got to keep them protected.

That’s because when one male due to his girlfriend, he motionless that a tip of that shoe was NOT going to double when he got down on one knee. His solution? Well, you’ve got to see it to trust it.

He slips his feet right out of his Air Jordan Concords, and his partner can’t assistance though laugh. Ultimately, she pronounced yes! Watch a whole thing below.

I can’t be alone in meditative this is kind of adorable. Judging by her beautiful boots and good taste, I’d contend these dual are a compare done in Heaven.