Nano-Drone With GPS Auto-Follow Function and 4K Camera

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Most of mini drones don’t fire good video and aren’t easy able of hovering on one place. Kudrone is a tiny quadcopter, done by Chinese startup, shoots during 4K fortitude and can focus 360 degrees to fire breathtaking perspective and it is versed with GPS. The worker is tranquil around accompanied app, in that users tide a real-time 720p video from a onboard camera. It communicates with a smartphone regulating Wi-Fi and has a operation of 30 meters, a GPS procedure helps to know where it is. The worker facilities infrared and sonar sensors that concede it to float in place and land with a press of button.

It can also be set to a Follow mode, in that it flies along with a user by tracking a GPS coordinates of their smartphone. Footage are stored on an onboard 16GB memory card. The moody time is only 8 mins per assign of a removable 650-mAH lithium-polymer battery. The Kudrone is successfully saved in an Indiegogo campaign.

Source: Indiegogo

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