Nevada Republican Majority Project Assembly Candidates Support Voters

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The 2016 Election Majority Project is a domestic classification determined to benefaction a joined force for firmness and revive Nevada to greatness. They have committed to support the voters’ needs and desires. These state legislature possibilities are grass-root Republicans; not investiture Republicans. Individuals behind these candidates; not large business. Therefore, their votes are not bought and paid for, nor will their votes be sold. The electorate will continue to have a voice by these possibilities after they are elected.

Each sealed a Contract With Nevada, that lists 10 vows a possibilities support, and that, when inaugurated to a state legislature, they determine to uphold. On Jun 14, 2016, electorate in Nevada will expel their ballots in support of a chairman they wish to commission as assemblyperson for their district.

Assemblyman Brent Jones, Assembly District (AD) 35, settled on a Contract With Nevada website that he was unhappy with a formula from a final legislative event (2015). This feeling was due to a extreme abuse of a voter’s trust and a legislators who lied about not lifting taxes, among other things. Like a others who sealed a contract, he intends to revive a voters’ confidence.

Contract With Nevada

  1. Taxpayers Relief Act – They will immediately move onward legislation to dissolution a Commerce Tax and will not expel votes that lift taxes or fees.
  2. True Education Reform Act – This is a routine that includes evaluating what needs to change for a schools to turn some-more efficient. The idea is to keep a programs that work and drop those that do not. They support propagandize choice and a Educational Savings Accounts programs.
  3. Stop Common Core Act – This will support a dismissal of a Common Core educational module and reinstate it with a successful module that is identical to others that have proven lane records.
  4. Law Enforcement Safety Act – They will exercise a requirement that law coercion crew contingency wear physique cameras, that will emanate a safer sourroundings for officers and a open alike.
  5. Voter Integrity Act – This is a two-fold vow. First, they will emanate a law that requires all electorate to benefaction current state-issued marker when they vote. Second, they will safeguard that all a apparatus and votes are audited by an outward use to boost voter trust.
  6. Health Care Reform Act – They will support a dismissal of a Nevada Silver State Exchange and will not support the participation of any health caring module that has been mandated by a government.
  7. Children’s Privacy Act –  They will emanate and support legislation to safeguard a locker bedrooms and bathrooms in a open schools are gender specific.
  8. Parental Notification Act – This act will give parents, and guardians a comprehensive right to make all decisions about their child’s medical needs. The law would need that any teenager who is underneath 18 could not accept medical caring or procession but a agree of a primogenitor or guardian.
  9. Free Market Fairness and Transparency Act – All companies that wish to do business with a state of Nevada will find satisfactory competition.
  10. Second Amendment Adherence Act – The enterprise is to continue to support and foster a right to possess firearms. They will also support legislation that will secure secluded lift rights laws, that will be equally adhered to in open and on open college campuses.

Non-Establishment Assembly District Candidates

  • AD5 Tony Baca
  • AD8 Norm Ross
  • AD9 Diana Orrock
  • AD13 Steve Sanson
  • AD15 Stan Vaughn
  • AD18 Christine DeCorte
  • AD19 Connie Foust
  • AD21 Blain Jones
  • AD23 Swadeep Nigam
  • AD25 Jennifer Terhune
  • AD35 Brent Jones
  • AD36 Tina Trenner
  • AD36 Rusty Stanberry
  • AD37 Jim Marchant
  • AD41 Mary Rooney
  • AD42 Richard Bunce

The electorate are positive by a Majority Project public possibilities that they intend to keep their word, even when faced with vigour to approve with requests that are discordant to a wishes of a adults of Nevada. These possibilities have announced they will not be bullied by Governor Sandoval and big-money lobbyists who paint casino, mining, and gaming interests.

By Cathy Milne


Contract With Nevada Website: Contract With Nevada
Facebook: Majority Project – Nevada Assembly
NEWSMAX: Interviews with Candidates

Image Courtesy of Ken Lund’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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