No to gym, approbation to Red Bull and tobacco, England’s Jamie Vardy reveals his dubious diet

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When Jamie Vardy came on for England during half-time and scored a 56th notation equaliser opposite Wales in a Euro 2016, it seemed like life took a full round for a Leicester City man. His supernatural tour has been mirrored by Leicester City winning a English Premier League, a attainment as dubious as Vardy’s dietary habits.

Jamie Vardy does not work on his fitness. AFPJamie Vardy does not work on his fitness. AFP

Jamie Vardy aptness fast revealed. AFP

Vardy scored 28 goals for bar and nation on a diet that’s going to make many blemish their beards in surprise. A integrate of days after a Welsh game, Vardy was seen walking around with a can of Red Bull. Under normal circumstances, an contestant regulating an appetite splash would unlawful questions about his/her aptness and would lift critical concerns. But Vardy insists that this shouldn’t be a box as pronounced to The Telegraph.

“I don’t go in for weights or anything like that. Each and each chairman is opposite and this is my way, and I’m certain if someone else attempted doing what we do afterwards it substantially wouldn’t work for them.”

So how does a cocktail of no practice and Red Bull work for a veteran athlete? Pretty well! Vardy’s physique fat commission stands during 6 percent and he stays one of a fastest players in a English Premier League.

Vardy was also seen with a parcel of tobacco that he pronounced was checked by a English medical group and there was ‘nothing wrong’ with them. So because is it that some players like Cristiano Ronaldo importance on their aptness to such a exhausting border and Vardy gets divided with an apparent lack of seductiveness in progressing his health? It really isn’t for a miss of trying.

Vardy was asked if any of his former managers have attempted to make him strike a gym room. The fickle striker said, “Yeah, they’ve attempted and not succeeded. The final time we carried a weight was substantially that can of Red Bull a other day.”