Odd Things Kept Happening In The Bathroom. Then They Heard A Giggle Behind The Door.

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I try not to disaster with anything paranormal as most as possible.

Do we know if ghosts exist? No idea, yet it seems smarter if they do to only not worry them. If one motionless to start unresolved around where we work, though? we theory I’d substantially only leave.

That’s what I’m guessing happened with these folks, who work during a place called Farmer Boys in Riverside, California. They kept conference uncanny things function in a lavatory after hours, yet zero could ready them for this.

It’s a single-stall lavatory that was presumably empty. But if we listen about 9 seconds into a video, you’ll hear a clearly creepy sound.

Twitter / @_konman_

OMG, NOPE! Nope, nope, nope. Sorry, y’all, time to get a code new pursuit and leave your spook crony to haunt this building alone.