Oh, You Want To Shut The Refrigerator? Not On This Cat’s Watch.

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It’s good famous by now that cats are really peculiar creatures, generally when it comes to what they trust is theirs.

For example, I’m infrequently visited by my cat while I’m regulating my computer. Though I’m always a initial one there, if she happens to lay subsequent to a mouse, she’ll punch my palm whenever we pierce it, since in her mind, a hers. How brave we use it? That’s substantially what this Taiwanese pool had in mind when she perched herself atop her owner’s refrigerator.

Lele a cat is only a bit territorial about people shutting her fridge door. See her humorous antics for yourself below!

(via Daily Mail)

Well, hopefully her owners doesn’t have a ton of perishables in there, since that fridge is gonna have a tough time staying cold. Gotta adore cats.