On Facebook gunning to go “all video”

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Reminder: Facebook is stability to foster video calm on a primary height during a responsibility of the created word.

Quartz reports Facebook’s Nicola Mendelsohn, who heads adult its operations in Europe, a Middle East and Africa, revelation a discussion in London yesterday that in 5 years’ Facebook will “probably” be “all video”.

She also apparently suggested 360 video will be “commonplace” and VR is set to grow. (Albeit Facebook owns a practical existence outfit Oculus Rift so a company would contend that.)

“The best approach to tell stories in this world, where so many information is entrance during us, indeed is video,” she is quoted as saying. “It conveys so many some-more information in a many quicker period. So indeed a trend helps us to digest many some-more information.”

“We’re saying a year-on-year decrease of text… If we was carrying a gamble I’d say: video, video, video,” Mendelsohn added.

But of course, many like a locus in The Hunger Games, Facebook’s walled garden is an sourroundings wholly underneath a possess control.

So Mendelsohn is hardly hazarding a theory of what Facebook users will be choosing to do in destiny — yet rather underlining that Facebook’s vital needed will be to continue to promote video on a height over and above other forms of content, given that video is a richer middle for displaying advertising. See also: Snapchat…

(Publishers who have been fixation their created difference onto Facebook’s platform, around a Instant Articles format, take note: Facebook cares really little for your words.)

Also note, for example, that Facebook has all yet excised a messaging duty from a categorical Facebook apps and a mobile site — concentrating a created difference that Facebook users still adore to share into specific app silos, like Facebook Messenger. (Actually promulgation messages around a Facebook mobile site still works in some geographies, yet not, apparently, in a US anymore.)

Also value remembering: mobile information is not indispensably a commodity it is in a US in all parts of a world, so an “all video” Facebook height would expected be slamming a doorway on many of those under-connected people the company has differently apparently been so keen to onboard.

So a rather some-more picturesque unfolding here is that a categorical Facebook app goes ‘all video in a US and name other grown markets‘, while remaining a distant some-more churned entity elsewhere.

In any case, for all Facebook’s claims of ‘declining text’, a pity of the written word remains in bold health online. After all, Facebook is not removing prepared to retire Messenger is it?

Indeed, during a possess F8 discussion this April, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pronounced that total activity on Messenger and WhatsApp (its other large messaging app) is now 3 times a tellurian volume of SMS messages; with some 60 billion messages sent per day vs 20 billion SMSes.

SMS in decline, sure, as people are switching to some-more entirely featured texting platforms. But calm messaging in general? No chance. People are messaging any other some-more than ever before. (Thinking about it, maybe Instant Articles would have a some-more healthy home within Facebook’s messaging apps, where people already spend many of their time reading other people’s words.)

Bottom line: The created word is not in decline, it’s only in decrease on Facebook’s categorical height since Facebook has a vital needed to inspire users to consume video calm there.

And in sequence to try to condition and concentrate its users’ courtesy and eyeballs on immoderate video, Facebook has been algorithmically compelling videos and demoting text-based calm by doing things like preventing users from promulgation messages in its main app.

It’s not humans removing wearied with words, it’s Facebook throwing a levers of control to carve out some space for video consumption, with a aim of creating its possess rarely intent abounding video locus (a la Snapchat) amid all a word-swapping people continue to do as they promulgate with their friends.

“All video”, then, is Facebook’s aspiration for a primary platform. But that says zero about a existence of human communications. They’re a whole lot some-more complicated. Conversation is a multi-format activity and a many-headed beast. And that’s not about to change, whatever Facebook competence hope to see.

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