One Artist Is Causing Pedestrians To Stop And Stare When They Get To Crosswalks

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Let’s get genuine for a second. Chances are that we have looked down during your phone for a solitary purpose of avoiding eye hit with someone flitting we on a travel some-more than once.

I’ve really finished it. The downside to always being physically and mentally plugged into my inclination is that we don’t mostly take a time to notice a universe around me, either on purpose or by accident. It is this accurate materialisation that one artist in Madrid critiques in his latest travel art series.

Bulgarian artist Christo Guelov is giving a crosswalks of Torrelodones, Madrid, a much-needed facelift. As partial of his “Funnycross” project, Guelov is mixing geometric patterns with bright, confidant colors to make people lift their faces and notice a universe around them.

“Funnycross” began during a zebra crosswalk located nearby a primary propagandize in a neighborhood.

For partial dual of a project, he took this thought and ran with it, covering 13 some-more crosswalks in a process.

Guelov has partnered with a Torrelodones Council to account even some-more creations!

His designs were primarily combined to assistance drivers and pedestrians stay alert.

Guelov once described a array as being a “bridge between dual shores.”

He hopes to take “Funnycross” to a rest of Europe one day.

Well, this artist positively has my attention. He should move his artistic hold to a States!

For some-more of Christo Guelov’s unimaginable art, check out his website.