One Man Just Figured Out That Drones Are Great For Doing Chores

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Videographer Mike Schreus hated unconditional a leaves off of his driveway. No matter how tough he tried, a leaves always managed to come back. Sweeping a drive over and over again unequivocally started holding a fee on his back…and his patience.

But afterwards he remembered that he had a worker sitting around somewhere in a house, since it’s 2015, and that’s evidently a thing now. With it, he came adult with an unusual resolution to an vitriolic problem.


I gamble we’ll all being regulating drones to do chores in a few years. Until we turn worker masters, though, Matt has some interruption wisdom: “Not all leaves will be as simply convinced by a drone. Flying low, use light control on a stick, and be clever to not strike anything or anyone. Oh…and buy a improved broom.”