Own Physical Gold, Not ETFs on Account of Looming “Wealth Tax”

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I don’t buy gold, we possess it. we don’t buy bullion during $1,100 since we consider it’s going to go to $1,200. I buy it for what it does, not what a cost is, a cost is a final care for me. we consider a approach a design has been building over a final 8 years, it’s like when we take a polaroid, we take a design and we lay there and we watch this thing and it solemnly comes into focus, and that’s what it’s been like for me examination gold, we’re examination this design solemnly develop.”

“We’re removing to a indicate where people are going to be means to see a picture, and during that indicate bullion is a answer. It’s not only an item anymore it’s a answer to a lot of people’s questions. When that happens, we consider a many critical theatre of this completes itself and that is a fortitude between a paper cost and a earthy asset. I consider when we get to that indicate where people wish to possess gold, ETF’s won’t sufficient anymore. A guarantee to broach 3 months hence is not going to be sufficient anymore, people are going to wish to possess a asset. At that indicate we comprehend that there are mixed hundreds of claims per ounce, and those claims won’t be value anything anymore it’s going to be a asset, and that’s a finish game.”

“The design is apropos clearer, and everything a executive banks are doing is bringing that day brazen a small bit.”