Pakistan fable Imran Khan to divorce Reham Khan after 8 months of marriage

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Islamabad: Nearly 10 months after Imran Khan tied a tangle with Reham, a dual have divorced with mutual consent amid reports that a cricketer-turned-politician did not approve of her nosiness in domestic affairs.

Imran’s matrimony to TV publisher Reham was his second after his initial matrimony with English heiress Jemima Goldsmith for 9 years finished in divorce in June, 2004. Imran and Jemima have dual sons from their marriage.



Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran and Reham Khan have divorced with mutual consent, PTI spokesperson Naeemul Haq said.

“Yes, we can endorse a divorce. Everything has been settled between a two,” he said.

“Imran and Rehman have requested that a media respect their remoteness and equivocate speculation,” Haq said. He pronounced that due to a attraction of a matter, the media should refrain from conjecture and there would be no further comments on a issue.

Haq refused to give reasons for a divorce though according to Imran’s tighten associates he was not happy with Reham meddling in domestic affairs. Imran’s divorce with Reham has not come as a surprise since rumours of troubles in their matrimony had been doing the rounds for some time and they were reportedly vital apart.

Sources wakeful of a growth pronounced a categorical issues between a dual were Reham’s perceptiveness to get concerned in party matters and her disliking for Jemima who stays in hold with Imran since of their sons and takes penetrating seductiveness in his political career and matters associated to a Shaukat Khanum Cancer hospital.

A source pronounced Reham wanted to get concerned in politics and Imran was confronting insurgency on this front from his close aides in a party.

“The family of Imran, quite his sister who is close to him were also never happy with a second marriage,” the source said.

It was also Reham’s second marriage. Reham once worked for BBC and also hosts a speak uncover on a internal television. Earlier in Aug this year Imran had announced that Reham will not be personification an active purpose in celebration affairs, following “attacks” on his afterwards mother in a issue of the party’s better in by-polls.

The PTI authority and radio publisher Reham Khan had tied a tangle in a elementary rite that took place in January this year during Imran’s Bani Gala residence. The cricketer-turned-politician’s initial matrimony to Jemima had finished amicably in 2004 with she saying that she was incompetent to adjust to life in Pakistan.