Paper Gold – It Is What It Is, But It’s Not What It Seems

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Paper Gold - It Is What It Is, But It's Not What It Seems

Paper Gold – It Is What It Is, But It’s Not What It Seems

That line was usually recently penned by a good Irish producer and philosopher, Paul Hewson. It no doubt relates here to a daily onslaught opposite The Banks and their paper derivative pricing scheme.

“It is what it is though it’s not what it seems.” Yep, that’s a apt outline on Comex Digital Gold and a pricing intrigue that has prevailed now for scarcely 43 years. Recall it was Dec 31, 1974 when Comex bullion futures were introduced…not coincidentally a day before US adults were once again authorised to legally possess and possess earthy gold. You can review all about it here:…

And so here during a finish of 2017, a accumulative volume of alchemized digital or fake bullion “exposure” has reached a sum that not even a writers of that 1974 memo could have envisioned. Unallocated gold. Gold futures. Gold swaps. OTC options. ETF shares. Levered ETF futures shares. You name it. It’s all used as a surrogate for a genuine thing…actual earthy gold. And so prolonged as a fractional haven certainty intrigue continues, a universe will never know usually how most real, earthy bullion exists for private, institutional and emperor investment.

“It is what it is though it’s not what it seems.”

What needs to occur in 2018? Investors on each turn need to direct smoothness of loyal earthy gold. They contingency foreswear a preference of fake bullion bearing and omit a treasonable warnings of a dangers and costs of private vaulting and self-storage. Only loyal earthy direct can force The Bullion Banks to de-lever their complement and usually this deleveraging of a fractional haven complement can force a find of a true, earthy price.

And there are rumblings that such a transformation toward earthy holding might be coming. Whether it’s a geopolitical risk of fight in Korea or a Middle East, a mercantile risk of de-dollarization or a really genuine hazard of globally-sanctioned disastrous seductiveness rates, events might pierce fast and a Central Bank-concocted intrigue of 1974 might uncover roughly as fast as it was put into place.

So a doubt is, are we prepared? Your usually choice in this is to reason real, earthy metal…whether it’s by a bullion dealer, a private vaulting use or a loyal earthy account like a PHYS or PSLV. “Gold” or “silver” in any other form is a Banker-created risk that we should no longer be peaceful to take. – Craig Hemke

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