Petoi: a Pi-powered pool cat

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A drudge pet is a dream of many a child, interjection to creatures such as K9, Doctor Who’s devoted companion, and a Tamagotchi, bleeping calamity of relatives worldwide. But both of these dark in comparison (sorry, K9) to Petoi, a walking, meowing, live-streaming cat from builder Rongzhong Li.


Not usually have cats cowed a internet, they also have a duke resolutely in a doorway of many makerspaces and gangling bedrooms — bedrooms such as a one belonging to Petoi’s owner/maker, Rongzhong Li, who has been operative on this sly origination given he bought his initial Raspberry Pi.

Petoi Raspberry Pi Robot Cat

Petoi in a stream state – apple for scale in lieu of banana

Petoi is only like any other housecat: it walks, it plays, a ribcage doubles as a digital xylophone — though what creates Petoi so special is Li’s use of a plan as a height for study.

I bought my initial Raspberry Pi in Jun 2016 to learn coding hardware. This drudge Petoi served as a stadium for training all a components in a unchanging Raspberry Pi amateur kit. we started with qualification sticks, afterwards switched to 3D-printed frames for optimized opening and morphology.

Various iterations of Petoi have housed several pieces of tech, 3D-printed parts, and software, so while it’s unfit to list a accurate mixture you’d need to emanate your possess chronicle of Petoi, a few components sojourn during a core.

Petoi Raspberry Pi Robot Cat — skeleton prototype

An early chronicle of Petoi, housed inside a cosmetic fondle helicopter frame

A Raspberry Pi lives within Petoi and acts as a brain, relaying commands to an Arduino that controls movement. Li explains:

The Pi takes no shortcoming for determining minute prong movements. It focuses on some-more critical questions, such as “Who am I? Where do we come from? Where am we going?” It generates mind and sends fibre commands to a Arduino slave.

Li is now operative on dual organic prototypes: a mini chronicle for STEM education, and a incomparable chronicle for use within a margin of AI research.

A cat and a drudge cat walking upstairs Petoi Raspberry Pi Robot Cat

You can review some-more about a project, including sum on a several interactions of Petoi, on a plan page.

Not utterly prepared to dedicate to a entirely grown drudge pet for your home? Why not formula your possess pixel pet with a giveaway training resource? And while you’re looking by a projects, check out a other pet-themed tutorials such as a Hamster celebration cam, a Infrared bird box, and a Cat meme generator.

Source: Raspberry Pi blog, created by Alex Bate.

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