Physical Gold – The Only Antidote to a Poison combined by Central Bankers

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Physical Gold - The Only Antidote to a Poison combined by Central Bankers

Physical Gold – The Only Antidote to a Poison combined by Central Bankers

For bullion investors, a vital thorn in a side continues to be a USDJPY so we need to plead it again.

Over a past weekend during TFMR, we had a contention about how so many well-intentioned people could have been so wrong about “the metals” over a past 5 years. It enclosed this sentence: “What we unsuccessful to envision was a successful, common strategy of scarcely all “markets” by a CBs, their primary dealers and their willing/sycophant media by HFT.”

That one judgment could be a theme of a full post or podcast but, for now, let’s usually concentration on a marketplace strategy by HFT. As we know by now, a USDJPY is usually about a singular many vicious ubiquitous submit for HFT buy/sell decisions. Whether it’s SP futures, bond futures or Comex Gold, a instruction of a USDJPY generally impacts all of these “markets” some-more than anything else. The draft subsequent plots a different of USDJPY (JPYUSD) with bullion futures. Note transparent association that began in 2008.

In watching a executive bank marketplace manipulation…when we see a same settlement again and again…and this settlement is followed by a preferred equity or bond marketplace reaction…then we know something is up. How many times have we prisoner screenshots of a BoJ, Fed, SNB or whomever shopping a USDJPY in distance during usually a right impulse to emanate and paint a double bottom on a chart? From there, how many times have we watched a nearby ideal and uninterrupted, 45-degree angle liberation ensue?

Here are usually a integrate of gross examples that we usually chose during pointless from my desktop folder that binds about 40 charts. (I’ve usually been gripping them given late summer.)

Well, given we usually used a tenure “egregious”, let’s request it again to a charts below. Recall that things were sailing along surprisingly good final Monday. Over a prior week, a USDJPY had unsuccessful to reason support nearby 113 and again nearby 112 and it had depressed to nearby and usually subsequent a very-important 111 level. Then, as we chronicled that day, a remarkable spike occurred on NO NEWS and not even any rumors. Just a spike from out of a blue that gathering a span immediately behind above 111.

And what followed over a subsequent 5 days? Well, outward of a remarkable thrust on a now disproven stories from Brian Ross during ABC News, a USDJPY has followed a same slip trail all a approach behind to 113. Also, IT’S VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE where USDJPY reopened Sunday afternoon…RIGHT ON a glidepath. Remove a greeting to Friday’s astonishing headlines and it’s a near-perfect, 45-degree angle for scarcely FIVE FULL DAYS.

(And in box you’re wondering that tail wags that dog, note a spin in USDJPY final Monday clearly preceded a spin in a SP.)

How is this even possible? It’s not…well, during slightest not in a normal and “free market” sense…the pre-2008 and pre-2012 sense. All of these things used to pierce rather exclusively as human, carbon-based traders finished receptive investment decisions formed on a series of inputs. However, in 2017, where 90% of all trade is now finished by HFT….well, a formula are flattering clear. The Central Banks and their Primary Dealer trade desks manipulate a pivotal inputs and HFT does a rest. This is given yours truly and so many other “experts and mavens” have been confounded for the past 5 years. It’s not sinful vigilant and it’s not given bullion bugs are cruel, inhuman charlatans who are vigilant on hidden as many dollars as probable from a easily-duped. Instead, it is a disaster to design a levels to that The Central Banks would successfully go to keep their complement alive.

Understanding this is given we consistently hear me bring a refrain of PHYSICAL DEMAND. It is usually by a renewed predicament of certainty that this complement can be broken…at slightest as it pertains to a changed metals. Physical bullion direct will bust The Bullion Banks by violation their just-in-time and unallocated smoothness system. Physical direct will force cost to be detected by a sell of earthy metal, not a alcehmized digital rubbish that permeates a complement today.

We’ll leave we currently with stories from any finish of The Bank monster. The first, and one that we’ve been following closely given final March, is a continued run-up to renewed fight on The Korean Peninsula. WHILE NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND IS CHEERING THIS ON, it is vicious to be prepared for all of a different unknowns that would come with such a catastrophe, one of them being financial difficulty that could again mangle certainty in a stream system.…

And a other story deals with bullion alchemy and a continued shunting of earthy direct into sham/scam paper investments. It seems a World Gold Council is inspired to boost their fees. They are apparently formulation to offer a whole new “gold” ETF, maybe designed to contest with a IAU. Ask yourself, from where will this account get a 200-300 metric tonnes of bullion indispensable to account a “inventory”? Once again, The Banks will simply perform a alchemy of leveraging stream unallocated stockpiles into some-more and some-more digital “gold”.…

Again, loyal earthy bullion direct is a usually remedy to a poison combined by a Central Bankers and a Bullion Banks. Sadly, 2018 promises another swell in war, debt, disastrous seductiveness rates and de-dollarization. Will these events finally prompt adequate earthy direct to mangle The Banks? Only time will tell. – Craig Hemke

Another Tradable Low Coming

The dissimilarity from a USDJPY association illuminates The Bullion Bank bid to pound cost subsequent a 200-day MA and flush out as many Spec longs as probable before a subsequent rise. We saw this is May and in Jul and we are saying it again now.

I have no doubt that what we are about to review is correct.

Since final Monday, when a USDJPY was forcibly rallied from subsequent 111, a sum change in this all-important HFT motorist is 130 “pips”…from 110.90 to 112.20. After finding and afterwards closely following a yen-gold association for over 3 years, we’ve schooled that a one indicate pierce in a USDJPY generally correlates to a $10-12 pierce in a cost of Comex Digital Gold. The stream 130 trill pierce should so interpret into roughly a $15 dump in Comex gold. Considering that cost was $1298 final Monday, a stream cost should be around $1283. Instead, we have a final of $1267. Why a 2X difference?

It’s simple. Over a past several days there has been a accordant and concurrent bid to supply cost subsequent a 200-day relocating average. And given have The Banks taken this action? In sequence to provoke a same form of Spec prolonged murder seen in May and Jul of this year and displayed on a draft subsequent from Oct 24:

The CoT consult of final Tuesday gave dual alarms that authorised The Banks to trigger this stream action.

  1. The Large Spec NET prolonged position in Comex bullion had reached 224,417 contracts. This was a tip spin in 90 days.
  2. The Large Spec GROSS brief position fell to usually 62,967 contracts. This was a lowest seen given 9/6/16 and so a second-lowest spin seen given 2012.

Judging that a CoT was developed to be flushed, The Banks took action, distinguished yesterday during 9:07 am EST. Note a 12,000 agreement dump that finally shoved cost well-below a 200-day. The offered movement that took bullion prices another $10 reduce in a 3 hours that followed was brought on by Spec prolonged murder on saying cost tumble subsequent this vicious technical indicator.

Today, cost continues to wander lower, even yet USDJPY is down, given of this continued Spec prolonged liquidation. Just as we saw in May and usually as we saw in July.

Given a fake pretenses surrounding this stream manipulation, we have no doubt that another rebound and convene is coming…in both Comex Gold and Comex Silver.

Let’s start with Comex Gold. Note that a May and Jul lows came with an RSI of nearby 30 and cost about $40 subsequent a 200-day. A identical low subsequent week would brace cost nearby $1240.

Personally, we have a tough time desiring that cost will tumble that distant before bouncing but, if it does, there’s a another good reason to design a building there…the 200-week relocating average. On 3 occasions progressing this year, cost has depressed to this pivotal long-term indicator and on all 3 occasions, cost fast reversed.

In Comex Digital Silver, a design is usually as clear. There can be no doubt that a Banks have aggressively capped CDS during it’s possess 200-week relocating normal on each try to pierce aloft over a past 18 months. As we can see below, this is clearly NOT random, free, satisfactory and healthy cost action:

However, another demeanour during a same weekly draft reveals a resilience that CDS has shown each time it reached down toward $16. Additionally, check a massive, long-term retreat head-and-shoulder settlement that is forming:

So, utterly obviously, there is another tradable low coming. Will it lead to a final dermatitis pierce toward $1400 and $22? Maybe. However, this subsequent low is entrance and given wouldn’t it? Consider usually this brief list that will impact a direct for bullion bearing in 2018:

  • The geopolitical risk of fight with North Korea, fight in a Middle East and cold fight with Russia.
  • The inverting US produce bend heading to definite recession.
  • Fed promises of some-more QE and even disastrous rates in a subsequent slowdown.
  • Political risk in a US as calls grow for impeachment and a tentative 2018 elections.
  • Continued de-dollarization in China, Russia, a rest of a BRICS and a Middle East.
  • US supervision shutdown and domestic discord

Given all of a doubt that lies forward for 2018, prices for Comex Digital Metal are headed aloft not lower. Prepare now for your subsequent tradable event in both Comex metals and a mining shares. – Craig Hemke

More Strange And Disturbing Action In The Paper Gold Market

For during slightest a past decade a function of a people who trade bullion futures contracts – and thereby establish a metal’s cost – has been generally predictable: The “commercials” – large banks and companies that buy bullion to do things with it – have suckered a speculators – mostly sidestep supports who follow trends – into going really prolonged and really brief during accurately a wrong time.

Which means a cost movement in bullion 6 or so months in a destiny was broadly predictable. When a speculators were approach long, it was going down and clamp versa.

But this year a movement – as portrayed in a joining of traders news (COT) – has over from a script. After holding on near-record prolonged positions early in a year, a speculators have hardly scaled them behind from levels that are intensely bearish for gold. Meanwhile gold, instead of tanking as new story says it should, has been treading water.

And now both a speculators and a commercials have started ramping adult their stream bets, with speculators going from really prolonged to even some-more prolonged and commercials going from really brief to even some-more short.

Here’s a same information in graphical form. Where historically a china bars on tip (speculator longs) and a red bars subsequent (commercial shorts) would be approaching to intersect during a center of a chart, they’ve diverged and stayed distant apart. So a speculators have not been cleared out and instead are apropos even some-more bullish.

If story still matters (a large if in today’s world) a COT trends indicate to a bad 6 or so months for changed metals. Though – and this competence be a motive for many speculators – a tellurian financial complement has turn so frail that betting on a predicament that sends collateral pouring into protected havens is now a henceforth good idea.

In that box a resolution for people is easy: Just buy silver and let inlet take a course. – John Rubino


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