PinMeTo lets inhabitant brands automate updates to internal Facebook pages

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Malmö, Sweden-based PinMeTo is a plcae selling height rising a nifty new underline currently that aims to make it forever easier for vital brands to say a internal participation on Facebook by rather automating a origination and updating of mixed internal Facebook pages. It does so by what is radically a templating complement that lets we emanate a singular summary with local, tradition calm and post it to some or all of your internal pages on Facebook.

“At vast we’re perplexing to solve a complexity of digital internal participation for vast inhabitant or tellurian multi plcae businesses — being aptness chains, retailers, banks, quick food bondage or hotels — where a common denominator is multi locations and multi height presence,” says PinMeTo co-founder and sales man Petter Palander.

Perhaps self-servingly, Palander says that PinMeTo’s possess studies have also shown that calm published locally generates adult to 300 percent some-more views, and 75 percent some-more clicks, Likes and shares on Facebook than a same calm published on a brand’s executive page.

He also cites a identical investigate from SocialBakers that claims to uncover that internal Facebook pages have between a 107 and 346 percent aloft rendezvous rate than a brand’s general page.

But a problem with “acting local” when you’re a inhabitant or general code is that it takes additional resources to say hundreds of internal Facebook pages or a truly internal participation opposite any amicable media platform. That mostly means not bothering during all and in spin that means withdrawal income on a table. The meditative behind PinMeTo’s resolution — and a destiny product tube — is to make a routine scale.

To that end, Palander says that by regulating PinMeTo brands can now tell posts containing energetic localized fields to all of their tellurian locations so that any post will enclose locally applicable information, such as residence or phone number.

Here’s an example, Palander provided:

To illustrate: typing “Welcome to us during {{name}} {{locationDescriptor}} for a crater of coffee and speak about a destiny of #locationmarketing. You find us during {{street}} in {{city}}.” in a apparatus generates this summary in Stockholm, and this in Malmö on Facebook.

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The outcome is that inhabitant and general bondage can aim cities, countries or other tradition plcae criteria for personalized, internal messages. And in further to posting content, a height provides statistics on post opening and rendezvous trimming from company-wide statistics down to a formula of a singular post during a singular location.