Pipeline promulgation healthy gas from western Canada to Chicago considers expanding capacity

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Owners of a Alliance pipeline, one of a longest healthy gas pipelines in North America, are in a early stages of assessing seductiveness in expanding a ability to ride healthy gas from western Canada to Chicago, Illinois. The Alliance tube is singular because, distinct other healthy gas pipelines that usually ride healthy gas after it has been processed, Alliance carries unprocessed healthy gas. Unprocessed, or wet, healthy gas contains ethane, propane, butanes, and healthy gasoline, as good as methane, a primary member of healthy gas.

Image credit: U.S. Energy Information Administration and IHS Markit

The Alliance tube now has a ability to lift adult to 1.6 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) of soppy healthy gas from prolongation sites in Alberta and British Columbia in western Canada along 2,391 miles of tube to a Aux Sable healthy gas plant liquids (NGPL) descent and fractionation trickery nearby Chicago. The enlargement would supplement adult to 0.5 Bcf/d of capacity, for a sum throughput of some-more than 2.0 Bcf/d, potentially starting Nov 2020.

Most long-haul healthy gas pipelines ride healthy gas after processing, definition that a healthy gas in a tube has had NGPL private and consists of mostly methane. Generally, soppy gas is changed on entertainment lines underneath low vigour that allows NGPL to sojourn churned in a gas stream. Alliance is a usually tube of a kind that transports soppy healthy gas before to estimate over prolonged distances during high pressure. It accomplishes this attainment by modulating tube vigour adult to scarcely 2,000 pounds per block in. to safeguard that a brew of methane and NGPL does not apart while in a pipeline.

Because approach for NGPL is singular in Western Canada, a strange designers of a Alliance pipelinedetermined that it would be economically auspicious for Canadian producers to ride a flourishing volumes of healthy gas constructed in western Canada to Illinois for estimate and selling rather than to build estimate comforts in western Canada and boat a liquids and dry healthy gas separately.

Since 2010, a tube has combined ability in North Dakota to capacitate healthy gas constructed in that segment to be ecstatic to Aux Sable. The Prairie Rose parallel tube transports adult to 0.12 Bcf/d of soppy healthy gas from a Palermo Conditioning Plant, and a Tioga parallel receives adult to 0.13 Bcf/d of soppy healthy gas from a Hess Tioga healthy gas estimate plant.

After estimate during Aux Sable, healthy gas is delivered to several vital widespread healthy gas pipelines in a Alliance Chicago Exchange, a marketplace heart that offers pretension transfer, wheeling, and park and loan services. Pipelines receiving a processed healthy gas— including a ANR Pipeline Company, Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America, Midwestern Gas Transmission Company, and Vector Pipeline Company—then send it to business in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, as good as Ontario, Canada. NGPL recovered during Aux Sable are delivered to marketplace by rail, pipeline, and approach connectors to internal refineries and petrochemical facilities.

The intensity tube enlargement involves a call for seductiveness among marketplace participants. If a turn of seductiveness is sufficient, Alliance might reason an open deteriorate for bids in tumble 2017, when healthy gas producers or other shippers form agreements with a tube association to denote to regulators that, if built, a additional ability would be used.

Source: EIA

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