Pledge of allegiance? West Bengal MLAs give Sonia Gandhi sealed confirmation of loyalty

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In a celebration where sycophancy has to be ragged on a sleeve. Loyalty, detached from utility and ability to win an election, is a pattern for removing a sheet to competition in a Congress. Loyalties, even if a celebration is in decline, has been a clever feature, during slightest so far.

It never indispensable to be put down on paper, unless there was a separate and leaders wanted to go in opposite directions, which, during slightest now notwithstanding a decrease does not seem to be a box as of now. But West Bengal has come adult with a new pretence — removing a newly inaugurated MLAs to pointer their loyalties on hammered papers.

Rahul and Sonia Gandhi in a record photo. Getty imagesRahul and Sonia Gandhi in a record photo. Getty images

Rahul and Sonia Gandhi in a record photo. Getty images

The Indian Express currently reported that they have sealed their “unqualified allegiance” to a party, and a mother-son duo, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, with an declaration they would not “get concerned in any anti-party activity”. If they had an opinion, it would not be uttered within a celebration fora, and if pull came to shove, renounce their seats.

These countenance of faithfulness is on Rs 100-stamped paper, though we don’t know if they are notarised. Or if they are witnessed, though for perfect novelty, they take a cake. Normally, loyalties are voiced in a Congress in groups by resolutions in their meetings. They are finished for central expenditure if some have their daggers ready.

However, Adhir Chowdhury, West Bengal Congress has described them as voluntary. When papers are cyclostyled – that is, to a format since cyclostyling is now a thing of a past – they can't be voluntary. It means, “sign, or else…” But why? In a past, Congressmen in West Bengal had sealed such faithfulness affirmations on Rs 10-stamp papers, though to get celebration tickets.

That it should occur in West Bengal, where it surprisingly scored improved than a ally, Communist Party of India (Marxist), is interesting. In a Assembly elections that returned Mamata to power, a Congress won 44 seats opposite a partner’s 26. Those inaugurated in perplexing domestic circumstances, should be gloating and grateful, not carrying to spell out their fealty in writing.

If Adhir Chowdhury is determined for something big, what could it be? Or is it it that carrying won 44 seats, he was reporting his leverage so that there are no others circumference him out from a place of primacy? Or is it that new satraps are emerging, what with Kamalnath recently observant that a celebration now indispensable to brand a state-level leader.

Congress has been improved served usually when it has had such satraps – Kamraj, YB Chawan, Sharad Pawar, Biju Patnaik, et al in a past. Now, with a diseased leadership, generally with Rahul Gandhi usually doing a foxtrot, here now, afterwards left a subsequent moment, there have been calls from Digvijay Singh, Rahul’s mentor, no less, for “deep surgery”.

One does not nonetheless know if this is an one-off development, or finished after a still poke by a High Command that feared that a 44-strong legislature celebration could be assertive, and Choudhury does not explain all a credit. That a mother-son twin matter, zero else?