Police Officers Chase Cars All The Time, But Hot Air Balloons? Not So Much.

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On Feb 6, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies found themselves in what news stations are deftly job a “hot pursuit” after endangered residents of a Yucaipa, California, neighborbood began fixation mixed 9-1-1 calls.

Two brightly-colored prohibited atmosphere balloons had been drifting dangerously low over a area that day, entrance severely tighten to attack several houses and trees. Fortunately, it didn’t take prolonged for a responding deputies to get a pilots’ courtesy and ask them to land, that a dual did shortly after.

The pilots had apparently only been holding their secretly owned balloons out for a spin. It didn’t seem to cranky their minds that they could presumably run true into someone’s rooftop.


Well, no harm, no foul, right? Still, I’m certain if they do it again they’re going to be in a whole prohibited disaster of trouble.