Police seize suitcase, Mumbai psychiatrist paid off: All we know about a Sheena Bora murder case

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It’s been five days given Indrani Mukerjea was arrested by a Mumbai Police on 25 Aug and given then, a Sheena Bora murder box has turn increasingly concerned with any revelation.

While radio channels, on a night of her arrest, had flashed that Indrani was arrested for allegedly murdering her sister, by a subsequent morning things began to get some-more difficult when it was reported that Sheena was indeed Indrani’s daughter and not her sister.

Indrani Mukerjea. Image courtesy: Mukerjea's Facebook pageIndrani Mukerjea. Image courtesy: Mukerjea's Facebook page

Indrani Mukerjea. Image courtesy: Mukerjea’s Facebook page

News media and amicable media comparison have been abundant with theories behind a murder even as Mumbai Police chose to sojourn particularly tight-lipped nonetheless a Commissioenr of Police Rakesh Maria pronounced that they had a transparent guess about a motive.

Friends, kin and acquaintances of a Mukerjea-Bora family have been hounded by reporters, and any of them have provided their possess versions of what they guess happened.

Here is a demeanour during how a case, that is still tip news opposite radio channels and newspapers, has unfolded over the past few days.


Sanjeev Khanna, Indrani’s motorist taken to Raigad forest

Indrani Mukerjea’s former husband Sanjeev Khanna and her motorist Shyam Rai were currently taken to Raigad district to ‘recreate’ a crime stage in a Sheena Bora murder box by a Mumbai Police, as investigators sought to gather evidence.

Accused Sanjeev Khanna was brought to Khar military station and after taken to a timberland in Pen tehsil, along with the driver, a military said.

Police take apart Indrani Mukerjea’s new pass claim

The claims of Indrani Mukerjea, mom of Star TV’s former CEO Peter Mukerjea, that her daughter Sheena Bora had left to a US seem to have depressed flat, as a military is probing how Sheena could have trafficked abroad if her pass was during Rahul Mukerjea’s Dehra Dun house.

Indrani’s father speaks out

Indrani Mukerjea’s father Upendra Kumar Bora on Saturday reliable to TV channels that Indrani is his daughter and not stepdaughter as being circulated in certain reports.  “Indrani is my daughter,” a thin Bora told a TV cameraperson from a window of his house.

Mumbai psychiatrist had been paid off by Indrani to explain son Mikhail was mentally unstable

NDTV reports that a Mumbai psychiatrist was bribed by Indrani Mukerjea to forge a certificate dogmatic her son Mikhail mentally unstable. According to a police, she had designed to use this certificate if Mikhail had continued with his attempts to find his sister Sheena.

Indrani Mukerjea’s birth name was Pari Bora

According to mixed media reports, Indrani Mukerjea’s nirth name is indeed Pari Bora.  The Telegraph quoted her neighbours as observant that Indrani done a outing home to Guwahati in 1990 with dual kids in draw — Sheena (2) and Mikhail (1) — and left them with her parents.


Raigad military acknowledge lapses

The marvellous Sheena Bora murder poser on Saturday constructed a new turn with military revelation that no box of murder or random genocide was purebred after her tellurian stays were recovered in Pen tehsil of Raigad 3 years ago.

For a initial time, a Raigad military probably confessed to a infrequent approach in that its personnel treated a box when a burnt physique was located in their area on 23 May, 2012, a month after Sheena was believed to have been murdered.

“Neither a crime, nor a news of random genocide was purebred when Raigad military sent a recovered fundamental stays to JJ sanatorium in 2012,” Raigad SP Suvez Haque told reporters in Alibaug, a Raigad district headquarters.

“I have been systematic to examine all a wrongs or lapses that were committed,” pronounced Haque, who took over as Raigad SP progressing this year. (Read some-more here.)

Car in that Sheen was strangled traced

Now, radio reports advise that a military have pronounced that a automobile in that Sheena Bora was murdered has been traced.

NDTV reports that Sheena was murdered inside a hired car.

Mikhail was in Mumbai during Sheena’s murder

A news by The Times of India says that Mikhail told a military that a few days before Sheena went missing, Indrani had called him to Mumbai when her father Peter was abroad.

The reports quotes a comparison military officer observant that Mikhail pronounced that he had been called to plead Sheena’s matrimony where a opiate was slipped into his drink. The news says that he felt silly after that and fled when Indrani left to move Sheena. Mikhail’s matter to a military allegedly says that their mom designed to kill them both on a same day, however he managed to escape. (Read some-more here.)

Villager helped military find burial spot

The Mumbai military team, probing a puzzling Sheena Bora murder, have a lot for that to appreciate Ganesh Dhene, a encampment central in Pen tehsil of Raigad district, who assisted them in locating a mark where Sheena was allegedly buried in 2012.

A group of police, debate experts and villagers had exhumed fundamental stays on Friday after Dhene identified a accurate mark where Sheena’s physique was allegedly dumped in a forests there 3 years ago.


Sheena’s stays exhumed

The stays of Sheena Bora are being exhumed to find some-more clues that can assistance solve a murder case, if reports are to be believed.

According to The Times of India, “In an critical breakthrough, a Mumbai Police on Friday morning dug a place where Sheena Bora’s physique was dumped and recovered some bones, a skull and a suitcase. The military are during a mark and digging for some-more stays is still on in Pen in Maharashtra’s Raigad district.”

NDTV reported that JJ Hospital too gave a military 2012 reports on tests run on a final reamains of Sheena.

Rakesh Maria, duration told a media that, “Sheena Bora’s fundamental stays were recovered currently and will be sent for DNA exam tomorrow.”

He also pronounced that her pass had been recovered from Dehradun.

Sanjeev Khanna remanded in military custody

Sanjeev Khanna, a former father of Indrani Mukherjea, was on Friday remanded in Mumbai Police control compartment 31 Aug by a probity of Bandra Metropolitan Magistrate.

Maria after inquire said, “Khanna has certified to his purpose in a murder.”

Khanna, dressed in an creamy shirt and khaki trousers, was constructed in a probity amid parsimonious confidence with his face lonesome with a white cloth. The sequence was upheld by a probity on an focus by a military seeking his custody. The military purported in a probity that Khanna had played an active purpose in a swindling and murder of Sheena, and had to be taken to a mark where her physique was disposed.

PTI reported, Khanna was arrested underneath IPC sections 364 (kidnapping), 302 (murder), 201 (causing disappearance of evidence) and 120-B (conspiracy).

Mikhail Bora brought to Mumbai

Sheena Bora’s hermit Mikhail, who arrived in Mumbai from Guwahati, on Friday pronounced he will concur with military in a examine of his sister’s murder as some-more sum of a ghastly box and cover bid were expected to emerge after in a day.

“I will extend full team-work to Mumbai Police. we will get probity for her,” Mikhail, who arrived in Mumbai that afternoon, told a TV channel on residence a flight. He pronounced a Sheena murder box was not a usually reason he was going to Mumbai.

“I have some other personal work in Mumbai as well,” pronounced Mikhail who was likely to be quizzed by military in tie with a murder case. (Read some-more here)

Cops exhibit sum on how Indrani was questioned

Indrani Mukerjea was interrogated by Mumbai Police commissioner Rakesh Maria for over 9 hours on Thursday. But a cops during a Khar military hire were flattering flummoxed during a showing of a ‘cold and calculated’ Indrani. “Indrani has valid to be a tough bulb to moment even for a group of gifted interrogators as she has been easily responding a questions. She has been brusque with her replies and this forced investigators to confront her with questions that emerged from a matter of Peter Mukerjea’s younger son, Rahul,” a military officer told The Hindustan Times.

According to The Hindustan Times, given a start of a probe, Indrani had reliable a cool composure reiterating that Sheena was her sister who had changed to a US. It was usually after she saw her motorist that Indrani relented and confessed that Sheena was her daughter from an progressing marriage.

Sources combined that Indrani incited out to be utterly a onslaught even for seasoned interrogators. That’s when Maria privately arrived to take over a interrogation. Though a investigators were yet to strech transparent conclusions on a ground of a murder, all angles including Indrani’s dislike of Sheena’s purported attribute with Rahul and a financial aspect, were being probed.

“While being interrogated about her past relationships, Indrani pennyless down and spilled a beans. She told a military about her relations with Siddharth Das and Sanjeev Khanna before marrying Peter Mukerjea. When questioned further, she told us about how her father forced himself on her during her childhood… she after pronounced she gave birth to Sheena when she was 17. It was a outcome of her earthy attribute with her father,” a military source told Ashwin Aghor of Catchnews. (Read more).


Have satisfactory guess behind ground of murder, says Rakesh Maria

In a late night press discussion Mumbai Police commissioner Rakesh Maria told a press that Indrani Mukerjea had gotten a third chairman to forge a signature of Sheena Bora in her abdication minute to a association she worked in and to her landlord.

Maria told a media, “With courtesy to Sheena Bora’s abdication letter, minute to landlord, we have traced a chairman who gave a signature of Sheena.”

Confirming all a theories about how Sheena was murdered Maria said, “Sheena Bora was killed by strangulation in a car. Then, a physique was set on glow in a bag.”

However he refused to hold too many details about a ground behind a murder. “We have a satisfactory guess on a ground though we will usually be means to criticism after doubt a third accused. Investigation is going during a sprightly pace.”

Sheena had told me she was Indrani’s daughter, says Peter Mukerjea

While Peter Mukerjea had progressing told radio channels and a military that he was totally unknowingly that Sheena was Indrani’s daughter, he has now told Times Now that Sheena had told him that she was indeed Indrani’s daughter and not sister.

He told Times Now, “Indrani pronounced it was complete rubbish… Why would we not trust my wife?”

Mukerjea also told a news channel that “Indrani flatly refused that Sheena was her sister. Rahul had also told me a accurate same thing, though we chose to trust my wife.” Mukerjea told Times Now that Indrani disapproved of Rahul’s attribute with Sheena and wanted them to mangle up. “Indrani felt that Sheena could get herself a improved guy.”


Sheena’s grandfather speaks out

Upendra Kumar Bora, father of Indrani Mukherjea, too doubtful his daughter’s explain that murdered Sheena Bora was his daughter.

“She is not my daughter. we am her grandfather,” 80-year-old Bora, whose name was pronounced to have been given by Indrani as father in a birth certificate of Sheena (who was innate in February, 1989) told PTI.

He named Sheena’s father as one Siddarth Das.

Asked if there was another chairman in Shillong who is believed to be a biological father of a murdered girl, Upen Bora told PTI “that needs to be explored”.

What Mikhail told a police

In Guwahati, Mumbai policemen questioned Mikhail Bora during his grandparents (Indrani’s parents) home in Ganeshpuri area.

While a investigators were tight-lipped, Mikhail pronounced he could be a “next target” after his sister (Sheena) if he visited Mumbai for a murder probe.

“I do not know. we might be a subsequent aim of my mother. She is really powerful. She can do anything she wants,” he told a media.

“I can go to Mumbai usually if a Assam supervision ensures that dual nurses take caring of my (ailing) grandparents. They are both in their 80s and humour from dementia,” he said.

Mikhail reiterated that he had regularly asked Indrani about Sheena’s locale though a former reliable she was in a US.

Sheena Bora and Indrani Mukerjea in record photos. Sheena Bora and Indrani Mukerjea in record photos.

Indrani Mukerjea and Sheena Bora in record photos.

The driver’s matter to a police

The motorist Shyam Rai, whose matter led a military to Indrani allegedly in his matter pronounced that a murder was pre-planned and that Sheena was strangled to genocide by Indrani and her initial father Sanjeev Khanna.

According to CNN-IBN, that had entrance to a matter by a driver, “Indrani went for a recce on Apr 23, 2012 along with him in Gagode encampment nearby Khopli Pen highway in Mumbai where she designed to dump Sheena’s physique after murdering her. Following this, she gave a call to her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna.”

The news suggested that she requisitioned a room in Worli’s Hill Top hotel a day after Sanjeev arrived in Mumbai from Kolkata.

CNN-IBN reported that a motorist told a military that on 24 Apr Indrani and Sanjeev picked adult Sheena from National College nearby Linking Road and afterwards strangled her to genocide and put her physique in a bag.

“Later, a bag was allegedly set on glow during around 4 am on 25 April. Sanjeev returned to Kolkata after disposing off Sheena’s body,” reported CNN-IBN.

Sanjeev Khanna questioned

The Mumbai Police on Thursday got a five-day movement remand for Sanjeev Khanna and he was set to be brought to Mumbai by Friday. According to radio reports, Khanna had certified that he was benefaction in a automobile on a day of Sheena’s murder.

CNN-IBN reported, “Sanjeev Khanna reportedly told a military that he was inside a automobile in that Sheena was murdered, though did not confess to a killing. This was reliable by open prosecutor Shorin Ghaushal.”

What a military asked Rahul Mukerjea

For a third time in reduction than 24 hours, Rahul was questioned about his prolonged attribute with Sheena, his step-mother Indrani Mukherjea, because he didn’t pursue a “missing person” censure filed after Sheena left and other associated aspects.

According to reports, Rahul told a military that after Sheena’s disappearance he did try to demeanour for her and get in hold with her though he remained unsuccessful.

“I attempted really tough to find out about her locale though we had no luck,” Rahul told a military according to The Times of India. He also told a military that his kin told him she had left to investigate abroad.

Later, Rahul was escorted to his dual flats in Khar and Bandra, where he and Sheena had spent time together, a fact brought in a open by his step-father Peter Mukherjea, Indrani’s husband.


Sheena was Indrani’s daughter, not sister

While initial reports pronounced that Sheena was Indrani’s sister, it turns out that she was her daughter. According to Times Now, Indrani confessed to a military that Sheena was her daughter. (Read some-more here)

According to The Telegraph, Indrani’s kin too reliable to a paper that Sheena was indeed her daughter. The indicted also has a son from a “relationship with a chairman who divided his time between Calcutta and Tripura”. Later, Indrani was married to a male who had businesses in Kolkata and Jamshedpur.

The Telegraph reports: “Sheena and her brother, who works in an airline now, were brought adult by their maternal grandparents in Guwahati. The children eventually changed to Mumbai and Sheena did her graduation from St. Xavier’s College there. After Indrani married Peter, who done a name for himself during a helm of STAR India and during whose reign a blockbuster Kaun Banega Crorepati was launched, Sheena changed in with a family. The family crony pronounced Sheena, who was famous as Indrani’s sister, became tighten to Peter’s son from an progressing marriage. It is not transparent either a purported attribute played any purpose in Sheena’s death.”

Indrani’s son Mikhail speaks out

Meanwhile news channels also spoke to Mikhail Bora, Sheena’s hermit who reliable a fact that Indrani was their mother.

When asked either Indrani and Sheena had any reason for conflict, he said,”Yes, many times.” However, he refused to mention what the arguments between a dual were regarding. He told CNN-IBN that he didn’t trust that a murder had anything to do with skill or money.

“I wish her to exhibit all herself… After 31 September when we come to know that she has certified everything. If she lies, we will give each evidence. we have all a justification and photos. we will provide it to a media,” he said.

Speaking to Times Now, Bora pronounced that his sister had been vital with him and his grandparents in Guwahati for a prolonged time and Indrani had been vital in Mumbai. He pronounced that Sheena had left to Mumbai to investigate in St Xavier’s college after that she had been operative in Mumbai.

“In 2012 she came here for a marriage of her friend. After that she has no contact,” he said. Mikhail pronounced that he had always asked his mom where his elder sister was though had received vague answers. “She always replied she was abroad. She pronounced she (Sheena) had got a pursuit there,” he told a channel.

He pronounced that he had stopped seeking questions about Sheena given he was contingent on supports from Indrani to take caring of his bum grandparents and she had threatened to cut him off. (read some-more here)

What Indrani’s father Peter Mukerjea said

Indrani’s father Peter has now left on to contend that he was totally unknowingly of a whole distress and was in a ‘state of shock’.

Reacting to a revelations, Peter had pronounced to CNN-IBN that he had no idea about this fact. He serve pronounced that Sheena and her son were introduced to him as Indrani as her siblings. He combined that a revelations are intolerable to him.

Peter claimed that Sheena had an event with his younger son and that Indrani did not approve of their relationship. He pronounced that he did not know about a conversations between Sheena and Indrani used to be in Assamese, and so he did not know them.

“When she left in 2012, we was told that she was study in a US. we asked Indrani and she showed me cinema of Sheena during a Diwali duty there,” Mukherjea said.

Admitting that he was totally stumped by a military movement of nabbing Indrani Mukherjea, he said: “I am dumbstruck by this turn of criminality…”

Theories behind a murder

Tehelka suggested that it might not have been Bora getting concerned with her stepson that might have barbarous Indrani adequate to have Sheena killed.

  • Mikhail was in Mumbai during Sheenas murder: New revelations make box murkier

    Mikhail was in Mumbai during Sheenas murder: New revelations make box murkier

  • Daughter, not sister: Murder indicted Indrani Mukerjea says she's Sheena Bora's mother

    Daughter, not sister: Murder indicted Indrani Mukerjea says she’s Sheena Bora’s mother

  • Curious box of Indrani Mukerjea: How Sheena Bora's murder poser unfolded

    Curious box of Indrani Mukerjea: How Sheena Bora’s murder poser unfolded

It might have got to do with something bigger than that – and what’s bigger ground for murder than money? According to Tehelka, a Mukerjeas had siphoned a lot of income from INX media, a association they after stepped down from. To equivocate suspicion, a lot of this income had been eliminated to their relatives’ accounts. One of those accounts might have belonged to Sheena Bora, who after refused to lapse a money.

Tehelka reported: “Singapore formed association Temasek invested in a a media association of a Mukherjea’s and after a tellurian recession, Temasek got a media association audited. It was found out during this review that Peter and Indrani had siphoned of outrageous sums of income from a association in a name of several family members, including Peter’s hermit Gautam Mukherjea who brings out a repository Planet Goa.”

How Sheena went missing

Sheena complicated in St Xavier’s College in Mumbai, and according to her LinkedIn profile, was employed with Reliance ADAG when she left in 2012. She was 24-years-old during a time.

A blank persons censure had been filed in May 2012 during a Khar military hire after Sheena, who lived in a suburb was untraceable.

According to an Indian Express report, around a same time a military had found partially burnt stays of a woman’s physique nearby a plantation residence in Lonavala.


Indrani Mukerjea detained

The mom of former Star India CEO Peter Mukerjea, Indrani was incarcerated by military for her purported purpose in Sheena’s murder. PTI reported that she was incarcerated by suburban Khar police, DCP (Detection) Dhananjay Kulkarni pronounced but elaborating.