Project could pave a approach towards reduction phosphorus import

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A new investigate from DTU Chemical Engineering has shown how struvite-K, a phosphate mineral, can be extracted from differently soiled fly charcoal and thereby paving a proceed for reusing a vegetable as a fertilizer.

Phosphorus prolongation has been likely to strech a high in 2069 and according to a categorical designer behind a investigate and Associate Professor during KT, Kaj Thomsen, we need to start a recycling of phosphorus if we wish to keep on producing food.

“The phosphorus we import from Morocco, China and a US is removing some-more and some-more cadmium infected, yet with this proceed we can furnish a possess purify product,” he says.

Struvite, a vegetable identical to struvite-K, is already being constructed during 3 opposite plants around Denmark. They comment for a prolongation of 350 tons of struvite. Denmark annually imports around 14.000 tons of phosphorus, yet according to a investigate we could revoke a import with 3000 tons per year by environment adult some-more struvite plants.

Countries like Germany and a Netherlands are already distant forward of Denmark in terms of struvite production. In a Netherlands lots of plants are now producing struvite, a biggest of them producing 1000 tons per year.

According to Kaj Thomsen though, we don’t even need to demeanour serve than Sweden for inspiration.

“Sweden has put a taxation on cadmium. That creates it a lot easier to furnish purify phosphorus rather than importing soiled phosphorus,” he says.

Even yet a formula of a investigate are earnest some-more investigate still needs to be finished on a area before integrating struvite-K as an rural fertilizer.

The investigate was finished by Kaj Thomsen, Anders Lodberg, Mujeeb Ur Rehman and Umar Fayyaz – all from DTU Chemical Engineering.

Source: DTU