Pumpkin Spice Hair Colour Is Officially In For Autumn

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Photo: salonjosephkenneth on Instagram 

While a renouned Starbucks prohibited dash might be synonymous with a change in a continue and a crunchy orange leaves on a ground, it looks like pumpkin piquancy might strictly be relocating from a able hands of your favourite barista- and into a stylist’s chair. That’s right, a latest hair colour trend for Fall 2015 is set to compare a abounding ginger shade of a dash itself.

Tresses painted in shades of orange, copper and gingersnap has been creation a dash on Instagram, with a series of hair studios and beauty addicts showcasing a comfortable new colour.

In an talk with Cosmopolitan, conduct colourist Laura Estroff from a Brooklyn, New York-based Kennaland Salon described a rising autumn trend. “We’re saying that pumpkin piquancy hair has some-more copper undertones since gingersnap tends to tumble underneath a difficulty of brunette with red undertones,” she said.

If you’re prepared to move a suggestion of tumble into your locks, a enriched demeanour of pumpkin piquancy thatch might be a beautiful anniversary choice. For anyone who prefers understated hair colour and isn’t prepared to burst full force into red-hued, coppery shades, it might be best to keep pumpkin piquancy in your coffee mop and divided from your hair.

Here’s a closer demeanour during a latest in pumpkin-hued tresses, as speckled on amicable media.


Photo: lysseon on Instagram 


Photo: studiomehair on Instagram