Pushing Boundaries: Students rise eye-activated controller for people of all abilities

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With a blink of an eye, users of a hands-free device can control an electric wheelchair, work a worker or close a front door, regardless of their earthy capacities.

The 6 CU Boulder electrical and mechanism engineering students who make adult a Volt Vision team

Volt Vision is a brainchild of a group of 6 CU Boulder electrical and mechanism engineering students who are building a wireless, wearable product that allows users to control machines and inclination by regulating their eyes to send commands. Their idea is to rise a product formed on accessibility for everyone.

An glue sensor placed on a church allows users to control a device by a transformation of their eyes.

“Tech companies tend to forget certain people in their markets,” pronounced Bader Albader, a group member of Volt Vision. “We’re perplexing to uncover that record can be used to not usually assistance and support people with disabilities but can also be permitted to everybody to use in a operation of applications.”

The device, called a Vee Vee, interprets a instruction of a eye transformation and sends an instruction to an outmost appurtenance that’s interconnected with a wearable device by a Bluetooth signal. The Vee Vee merges tellurian hold with record for human-to-machine integration.

Their prophesy for a Vee Vee is to use a tellurian physique as a authority center, where bio-signals turn a usually remote control needed. Although identical inclination exist on a market, a Vee Vee allows users to manipulate their sourroundings by signals constructed by a electrodes rather than only be observers.

Help a Volt Vision tyro team purchase a materials indispensable to rise their antecedent of a Vee Vee, which allows users of all earthy capacities to control machines hands-free and turn some-more independent.

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“There’s a trend in a tech universe to gaunt toward a internet of things, to be connected to everything,” pronounced Marisa Edwinson, a Volt Vision group member, “Smart homes. Smart cars. Your phone talks to your front door. We are perplexing to mangle into that marketplace and not leave anyone behind, though we have control over what it does.”

The group hopes to have a antecedent prepared for contrast by a finish of January. Local robotics association Sphero has donated 3 of a high-end robots for use in a team’s final product demonstration.

The other members of Volt Vision are Ahmed Algallaf, Alexis Deukam, Walter Wright and Muhammad Haffizi Abdul Rahman.

For some-more information about a project, see a Volt Vision crowdfunding page.

Source: University of Colorado Boulder

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