Pushing Student Athletes Is One Thing, But What This Coach Did Is So Wrong

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Part of being an contestant is pulling your physique serve than we suspicion possible, though one manager took that thought and disfigured it approach out of suit — and true into a area of abuse.

A Denver hearten coach, partner hearten coach, high propagandize principal, partner principal, and Denver Public Schools Deputy Counsel have all been placed on leave after a unfortunate video flush of one use session. In his initial year of coaching for a team, Ozell Williams was available forcing a lady into extended separate positions while other cheerleaders hold adult her arms.

There are reportedly 8 videos display controversial training practices, and in a one below, a lady can be seen and listened screaming in pain and vagrant a manager to stop.


(via ClickOnDetroit)

Police are now questioning a incident, though according to ClickOnDetroit, relatives of a cheerleaders have been angry to propagandize administrators and a manager for months, and for good reason. Nobody should ever have to go by what that teen suffered.