Quiet Smoothie Blender

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Most of us don’t splash smoothies, since don’t like soaking a blender. Millo is a smoothie-specific blender that’s reduction of a con to rinse and it is usually a entertain as shrill as a unchanging blender. It consists of an aluminum bottom section with spinning magnets inside of it, along with a 710-ml potion tip that’s used both as a consistent cover and as a cup. The consistent blades are located during a tip of a lid.

When a tip is filled with mixture and placed inverted on a base, a magnets means a blades to spin with really small friction. That gives reduction noise, along with reduction feverishness generated and reduction energy being required. It can be started and stopped using a built-in hold control, nonetheless an iOS/Android app will let we mix.The consistent speed could be set adult around a app wirelessly connected around NFC (Near Field Communication). Each user could have their possess settings for their favorite smoothies. Millo is now a theme of a Kickstarter campaign, we can see it in movement in promo video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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