Rainbow Prism Hair Is Officially Here

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Photo: kristinacheeseman on Instagram 

If you’re wondering how to ascent your braid for a deteriorate ahead, there’s zero utterly like rainbow prism hair to renovate your locks. With a distillate of bright, charming hues, prism hair facilities each colour of a rainbow, expertly blended together. Although we have been saying all demeanour of pastel thatch in a past few months, there’s zero utterly like rainbow prism hair to lighten your look.

According to Bustle, a hair trend has been popularized by hairstylist Kristina Cheeseman. With a intolerable neon tones and brightly colourblocked sections of hair, rainbow prism hair can simply constraint a spotlight. For anyone looking to make a beauty statement, there’s zero utterly like follicles ornate with kaleidoscopic hues to totally renovate your hair look.

From streaky, watercolour-toned highlights to extended red, yellow, immature and blue corpulent streaks, prism-like hair colour can set a theatre for your new ‘do. This extreme rainbow character is quite renouned among hair chameleons who are rocking cropped, smart-alecky bobs. If we need serve evidence, simply peek during these examples of a trend from Instagram.

Photo: uggoff on Instagram 

Photo: kristinacheeseman on Instagram