Raspberry Pi: Barbot 4 – a bartending Grandfather clock

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Meet Barbot 4, a drink-dispensing Grandfather time who knows when it’s time to party.

The initial introduction to my latest barbot – this time done inside a grandfather clock. There is another video where we explain a bit about how it works, and am happy to give some-more explanations. This can make cocktails with adult to 4 spirits, and 4 mixers, and is tranquil by voice, keyboard input, or a gui, depending that is easiest.

Barbot 4

Robert Prest’s Barbot 4 is a libation dispenser installed into an aged Grandfather clock. There’s space in a behind for your favourite spirits and mixers, and a Raspberry Pi controls servo motors that recover a compulsory measures of your favourite cocktail ingredients, according to preset recipes.

Barbot 4 Raspberry Pi drink-dispensing robot

The time can reason 4 mixers and 4 spirits, and a tellurian administrator annals these regulating Drinkydoodad, a accessible touchscreen interface. With information about a accessible mixture and a library of recipes, Barbot 4 can emanate your selected drink. Patrons control a complement possibly with voice commands or with a touchscreen UI.

Barbot 4 Raspberry Pi drink-dispensing robot

Robert has experimented with several components as this plan has progressed. He has switched out peristaltic pumps in sequence to boost a upsurge of liquid, and practiced a motors so that they can hoop carbonated beverages. In a video, he highlights other quirks he hopes to address, like a fact that drinks tend to dash during pouring.

Barbot 4 Raspberry Pi drink-dispensing robot

As good as a Raspberry Pi, a build uses Arduinos. These control a light show, that can be practiced according to your party-time lighting preferences.

An reason of a build accompanies Robert’s second video. We’re anticipating he’ll also recover some-more sum of Barbot 3, his suitcase-sized, unstable Barbot, and of Doom Shot Bot, a bottle topper that pours a shot each time we die in a diversion DoomZ.

Automated bartending

Barbot 4 isn’t a initial cocktail-dispensing Raspberry Pi barkeeper we’ve seen, yet we have to acknowledge that wise it into a grandfather time really creates it one of a quirkiest.

If you’ve built a identical plan regulating a Raspberry Pi, we’d adore to see it. Share your plan in a comments, or tell us what drinks you’d ask Barbot to brew if we had your possess during home.

Source: Raspberry Pi blog, created by Alex Bate.

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