Raspberry Pi: MagPi 65 – Newbies Guide, and something code new!

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Hey folks, Rob from The MagPi here! We know many people competence be removing their really initial Raspberry Pi this Christmas, and excitedly wondering “what do we do with it?” While we can’t tell we accurately what to do with your Pi, we can uncover we how to douse yourself in a universe of Raspberry Pi and be desirous by a implausible community, and that’s a subject of The MagPi 65, out currently tomorrow (we’re a day early since we’re simply TOO vehement about a special proclamation below!).

The one, a only…issue 65!


Raspberry Pi for Newbies
Raspberry Pi for Newbies covers some of a really basis we should know about a universe of Raspberry Pi. After a discerning set-up tutorial, we deliver we to a Raspberry Pi’s giveaway online resources, including Scratch and Python projects from Code Club, before running we by a wider Raspberry Pi and builder community.

Raspberry Pi MagPi 65 Newbie Guide

Pages and pages of useful recommendation and starter projects

The online village is an extraordinary place to learn about all a implausible things we can do with a Raspberry Pi. We’ve enclosed some information on good places to demeanour for tutorials, recommendation and ideas.

And that’s not all
Want to do some-more after training about a universe of Pi? The rest of a emanate has a common preference of consultant guides to assistance we build some extraordinary projects: we can make a Christmas memory game, build a building of bells to ring in a New Year, and even take your initial stairs towards creation a diversion regulating C++.

Raspberry Pi MagPi 65

Midimutant, a synthesizer “that boinks unconstrained bizarre sounds”

All this along with moving projects, decisive reviews, and tales from around a community.

Raspberry Pi Annual
Issue 65 isn’t a usually new recover to demeanour out for. We’re vehement to move we a initial ever Raspberry Pi Annual, and it’s giveaway for MagPi subscribers – in fact, subscribers should be receiving it a same day as their emanate 65 delivery!


The Raspberry Pi Annual is directed during immature folk wanting to learn to code, with a accumulation of overwhelming step-by-step Scratch tutorials, games, puzzles, and comics, including a robotic Babbage.

Get your copy
You can get The MagPi 65 and a Raspberry Pi Annual 2018 from a online store, and a repository can be found in a furious during WHSmith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. You’ll be means to get it in a US during Barnes Noble and Micro Center in a few days’ time. The MagPi 65 is also accessible digitally on a Android and iOS apps. Finally, we can also download a giveaway PDF of The MagPi 65 and The Raspberry Pi Annual 2018.

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