Raspberry Pi: Marvellous retrofitted home assistants

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As some-more and some-more digital home assistants are appearing on a consumer market, it’s not odd to see a soaring Amazon Echo or neat Google Home when visiting friends or family. But we, a builder community, are frequency happy unless a tech stands out from a rest. So but serve ado, here’s a roundup of some illusory retrofitted home partner projects we can reconstruct and give honour of place in your kitchen, on your bookshelf, or wherever else you’d like to speak to your virtual, discarnate PA.

Matt ‘Circuitbeard’ Brailsford’s Tomy Mr Money Google AIY Assistant is usually one of many home-brew home assistants makers have built given a recover of APIs for Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Here are some more…


Teddy Ruxpin

Oh Teddy, how sparkling and puzzling we were when we unwrapped we behind in a mideighties. With your awkwardly relocating lips and twitching eyelids, we were a cream of a stand of robotic toys! How was we to know that during my thirties, we would turn protracted with home partner program and unexpected instil within me a fear distinct any I’d felt before? (Save for my lifelong fear of ET…)

Several makers around a universe have achieved medicine on Teddy to implement a Raspberry Pi within his stomach and confederate him with Amazon Alexa Voice or Google’s AIY Projects Voice kit. And since these makers are talented, they’ve also managed to steal Teddy’s wiring to make his lips pierce in time with his responses to your commands. Freaky…

Speaking of freaky: check out Zack’s Furlexa — an Amazon Alexa Furby that will haunt your nightmares.


Give aged tech new life

Devices that were a tallness of record when we purchased them might now be grieving in your integument collecting dust. With new and softened versions of gadgets and gizmos being expelled roughly constantly, it is expected that your domicile harbours a gangling whosit or whatsit that we can idle and give a new Raspberry Pi heart and purpose.

Take, for example, Martin Mander’s Google Pi intercom. By gutting and entirely cleaning a selected intercom, Martin fashioned a suitable housing a Google AIY Projects Voice pack to emanate a new home partner for his house:

Not usually does this build demeanour fantastic, it’s also a good review starter for any visitors who had a identical device during a eighties.

Also take a demeanour during Martin’s 1970s Amazon Alexa phone for some-more sentimental splendour.


Put it in a box

…and afterwards I’ll put that box inside of another box, and afterwards I’ll mail that box to myself, and when it arrives…

A GIF from a emperors new slit - Raspberry Pi Home Assistant

A GIF. A harmless, small GIF…and explanation of a comms team’s mania with The Emperor’s New Groove.

You don’t have to be imagination when it comes to housing your home assistant. And often, generally if you’re operative with a smaller people in your household, a formula of a elementary homespun proceed are usually as delightful.

Here are Hannah and her father Tom, explaining how they built a home partner together and fit it inside an aged cigar box:

Also see a Google AIY Projects Voice pack — a card box-est of home partner boxes.


Make your possess home assistant

And now it’s your turn! we plea we all (and also myself) to emanate a home partner regulating a Raspberry Pi. Whether we confirm to fit Amazon Alexa inside an aged shoebox or Google Home inside your sister’s Barbie, I’d adore to see what we emanate regulating a giveaway home partner program accessible online.

Check out these other home assistants for Raspberry Pi, and keep an eye on a blog to see what we conduct to emanate as partial of a challenge.

Ten practical residence points for everybody who shares their build with us online, possibly in a comments next or by tagging us on your amicable media account.

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