Raspberry Pi: Matt’s steampunk radio jukebox

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Matt Van Gastel breathed new life into his great-grandparents’ 1930s Westinghouse with a Raspberry Pi, an amplifier HAT, Google Music, and some critical effort. The outcome is a unequivocally beautiful, distinguished piece.

Matt Van Gastel Steampunk Radio Raspberry Pi


The radio

With a credentials in radio electronics, Matt Van Gastel had always designed to revive his great-grandparents’ mid-30s Westinghouse radio. “I even found a strange schematics glued to a bottom of a bottom of a categorical wiring assembly,” he explains in his Instructables walkthrough. However, deliberation a age of a square and a cost of sourcing tools for a repair, he motionless to take a plan in a somewhat opposite direction.

“I pulled a categorical wiring public out utterly easily, it was hold in by 4 prosaic conduct screws […] we motionless to make a Steampunk themed Jukebox formed off this categorical public and energy it with a Raspberry Pi,” he writes.


The build

Matt combined JustBoom’s Amp HAT to a Raspberry Pi 3 to boost a sound peculiarity and functionality of the board.

He spent a weekend prototyping and contrast a wiring before determining on his final layout. After a small time personification around with opposite software, Matt chose Mopidy, a stretchable song server created in Python. Mopidy lets him bond to his music-streaming use of choice, Google Music, and also allows airplay connectivity for other wireless devices.

Stripping out a aged wiring from inside a Westinghouse radio simply done adequate space for Matt’s new, most smaller, setup. Reserving several pieces for a final build, and scrubbing a whole section to within an in. of a life with soap and water, he changed on to a aesthetics of a piece.


The steampunk

LED Nixie tubes, a 1950s DC voltmeter, and mist paint all contributed to a final demeanour of a radio. It has a superb steampunk demeanour that works splendidly with a selected of a strange radio.


Retrofit and steampunk Raspberry Pi builds

From aged pub jukeboxes to Bakelite kitchen radios, we’ve seen lots of retrofit audio visible Pi projects over a years, with all kinds of functionality and in all sorts of styles.

Americana – does accurately what it says on a tin jukebox

For some-more steampunk inspiration, check out phrazelle’s laptop and Derek Woodroffe’s leg hat. And for some-more audiophile builds, Tijuana Rick’s 60s Wurlitzer and Steve Devlin’s 50s wallbox are stand-out examples.

Source: Raspberry Pi blog

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