Raspberry Pi: The Fisher Piano – make song in a air

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Piano keys are so limiting! Why not barter them out for LEDs and a resources of instruments in Pygame to build air keys, as demonstrated by Instructables builder 2fishy?

Keys? Where we’re going we don’t need keys!

This project, combined by possibly Yolanda or Ken Fisher (or both!), uses an array of LEDs and photoresistors to form a MIDI sequencer. Twelve LEDs reinstate piano keys, and another 3 change octaves and entrance a menu.

Each LED is interconnected with a photoresistor, that detects a issued light to form a sealed circuit. Interrupting a light lamp — in this box with a finger — breaks a circuit, revelation a Python module to perform an action.

2fishy LED light piano hiss pi

We’re all anticipating this is only a scaled-down antecedent of a full-sized LED grand piano

Using Pygame, a 2fishy group can entrance 75 opposite instruments and 128 records per instrument, creation their wooden piano some-more than only a one-hit wonder.

Piano building

The twin done a piano’s physique out of plywood, hardboard, and dowels, and versed it with a Raspberry Pi 2, a speaker, and a aforementioned LEDs and photoresistors.

2fishy LED light piano hiss pi

A Raspberry Pi 2 and orator lay within a wooden body, with LEDs and photoresistors in place of a keys.

A finish how-to for a build, including some rather imagination and ominous schematics, is accessible during Instructables, where 2fishy perceived a bronze award for their project. Congratulations!

Learn more

If you’d like to learn some-more about regulating Pygame, check out The MagPi’s Make Games with Python Essentials Guide, accessible both in imitation and as a giveaway PDF download.

And for some-more music-based projects regulating a accumulation of tech, be certain to crop a giveaway resources.

Lastly, if you’d like to see some-more piano-themed Raspberry Pi projects, take a demeanour during a Big Minecraft Piano, these shining piano stairs, this laser-guided piano teacher, and a video next about a superb Street Fighter duelling pianos we witnessed during Maker Faire.

Source: Raspberry Pi blog

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