Ray “Ace” Ostrander Likes a Challenge

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Ray “Ace” Ostrander began study martial humanities when he was 4 years old. His father has a studio and still teaches Kenpo Karate.

Kenpo Karate originated in Hawaii, as a unsentimental form of self defense. Ed Parker, a begetter of American Kenpo Karate taught Rick Ostrander before he non-stop his studio. Ace complicated underneath his father for 13 years.

At a age of 27, Ostrander changed to Las Vegas. He worked during a UFC gym though he did not have anyone to sight him for his initial dual fights. However, he refuses to behind down from a plea and took those dual waste as lessons learned.

After his third loss, Ostrander took 10 months off to sight during Torres MMA Sport gym. He complicated Jiu-jitsu and distinguished before holding another fight. When he takes a day off from training, Ostrander takes his blue-nosed pitbull, Ruca (Spanish for My Lady) for prolonged hikes. He also has a Maltese, named Lilly.

When his trainers pronounced he was ready, Ostrander returned to a enclosure for Real MMA XIII. He fought Eder Dominguez and won by separate decision.

On Jan. 26, 2018, Real MMA fans will see Ostrander go toe-to-toe opposite Chris Rojas. There is already tragedy between a dual fighters over a hitch for a title. Rojas betrothed to kick “the aged man” and 30-year-old Ostrander pronounced “Rojas improved be ready. Better behind adult his large mouth. He is not going to know what strike him.” The dual will be battling for a Real MMA featherweight title. This is a quarrel no one should miss.

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