Razed in Madhya Pradesh county polls, Congress is now only a residence of disarray

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New Delhi: The humbling in Madhya Pradesh county polls suggests that a Congress seemed to have got both a book and a tract totally wrong.

While a celebration focused on disrupting Parliament record and entertainment loud criticism both in Parliament premises and outward for a fortnight, a BJP slogged it out in a Madhya Pradesh county polls seeking a renewed and uninformed franchise of life for a embattled Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

Moving on a directionless path. AFPMoving on a directionless path. AFP

Moving on a directionless path. AFP

The Vyapam fraud in a arise of a array of argumentative deaths had come as a good event for a Congress, that was dangling from energy in a executive Indian state in 2003. But a antithesis celebration both in a Centre and in Madhya Pradesh could not make use of a same.

“Essentially, politics is organisational contests… though Congress by default or differently chose a negativity. They have been punished for a debate of impression assassination opposite a renouned arch minister,” says BJP personality Vinay Sahasrabuddhe.

Even a few Congress leaders on a condition of anonymity seem to validate this saying, “Our genuine plea is not media mileage or one-upmanship in Parliament. It’s a need to ready a cadres for electoral battle.”

Prahlad Kumar Pandey, an AAP personality in a state, also spoke on identical capillary and many summed adult a paradox. “BJP won given there is no antithesis in Madhya Pradesh.”

In outcome really few Congress leaders would be means to repudiate this as celebration bosses frequency campaigned for a essential county polls with many of them concentrating on their assemblage possibly in Delhi protests alongside Sonia Gandhi-Rahul Gandhi twin or for discussions in a TV studios.

Finally in a electoral hustings, BJP walked divided with a cherished feat in 16 municipalities — in fact wresting some of them from Congress control.

“Our feat is some-more gratifying as we could wring Muraina, Harda, Bhainsdehi, Suwasra, Kotar, Chakghat from Congress. Muraina municipality was before assigned by a Congress. It was a initial choosing after a arrangement of metropolitan corporation. The people of Muraina have also voiced their certainty to BJP. BJP’s ancestral feat has been achieved in initial time shaped Muraina Municipal Corporation and Ujjain Municipal Corporation,” says BJP Madhya Pradesh territory arch Nandkumar Singh Chauhan.

For Congress, it would be positively a arise adult call to lift adult sleeves and reboot a celebration strategy. “The Monsoon Session of Parliament was authorised to be cleared away. BJP will now even take divided a credit of GST that was once a project. The Rajya Sabha available scarcely 9 percent work while Lok Sabha logged about 48 percent. Our MPs got dangling and we also mislaid a Madhya Pradesh county polls miserably,” a Congress personality certified to Firstpost rather helplessly.

While BJP is upbeat with a win, a Congress needs to rearrange a celebration during a retard and district turn quite in states like Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

But few outsiders trust it can come easily.

“Sonia Gandhi’s biggest plea comes in creation Rahul Gandhi accountable and perform. She stays a dotting mom and during a same she has not authorised presentation of state leaders. This caused her remove control in Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan. Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh were also miserably handled,” says BJP MP Jagdambika Pal, who quit Congress in 2014.

Many NCP leaders, who were partial of a Congress before, felt that nonetheless Sonia in a final 17 years as celebration boss navigated a territory by hurdles acted by BJP and Sangh Parivar besides a rebel led by Sharad Pawar, a Congress has so distant been incompetent to set “any example” of delivering.

“Most schemes including NREGA launched by Congress incited out to be factors to confirm about Congress non-performance for decades,” one of them said.

On a other hand, cornered over Vyapam scam, Shivraj himself took over a purpose of overseeing a campaigning. He even brought out a pamphlet inventory out Congress lapses and follies vis-a-vis a fraud and how his supervision had indeed played a purpose of a ‘whistle blower’.

“Moreover, a plant label played by Shivraj that Congress underneath a origin of Digvijaya Singh and Jyotiraditya Scindia – both from statute family credentials – was fanatic of commoner like him (Shivraj) went in BJP’s favour,” says BJP personality Nandkumar Chauhan.

Congress leaders on a discordant could not describe their powerful debate in Parliament opposite Shivraj to a county polls in a state. No criticism was Madhya Pradesh focused and a cadres were frequency involved.

“Moreover, Sushma Swaraj harangue opposite Congress vis-a-vis Bhopal gas tragedy and Warren Anderson going scot-free usually regenerated aged memories and so competence have shabby a territory of voters,” says a BJP leader.

Besides organisational lapses, infighting and care predicament sojourn permanent problem for Congress. “While given 2005, Shivraj Singh even after presentation of Narendra Modi-Amit Shah twin stays tallest personality in a state BJP unit, on a partial Congress has none,” says AAP personality Prahlad Kumar Pandey.

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Sonia’s domestic tour had reached a high indicate when she walked into Ram Vilas Paswan in 2002 for floating a UPA. But in a final few years, Congress has mislaid allies.

However, interjection to a constraint among non-Congress, non-BJP parties — like JD(U) and Trinamool Congress — all of them again inched closer to Congress to conflict Land Bill and also corroborated Congress when 25 MPs were suspended. But a good tract was “again lost” when Congress remained sanguinary and did not listen to a conversing of Samajwadi Party arch Mulayam Singh Yadav.

BJP leaders Babul Supriyo and Arun Jaitley felt that there is a belligerent bloat of annoy gradually building adult opposite ‘disruption-politics’ of Congress.

“Our bulletin has been growth and Congress singular indicate bulletin is anti-Modi. Voters of 2015 do not go by a sloganeering of 1970s. They wish opening and need petrify things during hands,” says Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.

The Left leaders contend in private, it’s high time Congress put a residence in sequence both in terms of doing of ego-clash and infighting among pivotal leaders.

BJP has Sanghparivar cadres to bank on by thick and thin, on a other hand, when was a final time Congress leaders spoke of their workers and activities in a Seva Dal?