Robert E. Lee Becomes an Example of a Decay in American History

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The memory of troops legend, Robert E. Lee, has been heavily challenged by detractors who cruise him to be a opposite figure than decorated in American history. The categorical subjects that dissapoint people are associated to a soldier’s injustice and slavery.

Lee was innate in Virginia, in 1807. His father was a administrator of a state. He was married to a daughter of George Washington’s adopted son. Lee was deliberate a absolved man, partial of a nobility. He graduated from West Point with honors, that was a attainment during that time. While not in preference of dissension, when a Civil War started and Virginia withdrew, Lee went with his state. He degraded a duration of incomparable rivalry forces, earning him military renown. That set a fashion on what this particular represents.

Easily found in story books, Lee is portrayed as an authentic United States dignitary.

People’s Mistrust

Discussions about Lee core around slavery. His views about competition light anger. During his lifetime, he owned slaves. He deliberate himself a kind master but implemented unrelenting punishments. Lee pronounced roughly zero in open about this topic.

His many extended acknowledgement was in a minute to his mother in 1856. There he forked out labour as an evil, though one that had some-more damaging effects on a white competition than a counterpart. He felt that a oppressive discipline, to that they were subjected, profited blacks by creation them some-more civilized. Hence, a biggest risk to say a autocracy of a whites was a “evil course” chased by a abolitionists, who influenced adult hatred.

Some can disagree a function of Lee, alleging a enlightenment of a time could clear his approach of thinking. The law is, a infancy trust a male symbolizes a cruelty of a duration that no one wants to recall. People feel it is astray that story recognizes a American ubiquitous as a favourite though hardly talks about his controversial behavior.

Repercussion of a Past

The feelings of rancour opposite Lee’s past and what he represents are starting to be expressed. A large apportionment of a country is criticizing a links to his memory, such as statues, propagandize names, and books. People will do anything they can to mislay each singular similarity of his image.

For example, in Dallas a mayor placed a resolution on a Sept. 6, 2017 agenda. Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway stated:

…the Lee statue doesn’t meant anything to me. But a people…and a voices we listen to are worried with it…I have shortcoming for all citizens.

Council member, Tennil Atkins pronounced his voters have told him they wish a monuments to come down.

Political vigour plays into roughly all we do these days. But it’s some-more a timing, what is going on via a country. Is that political? Or is that only what a adults want?

Final Thoughts

The rancor among a people is evident, though maybe it should not be as strong. Society forgets about a good things faster than a bad. That fact should make people think about their judgments. History has dual faces: a flattering and a ugly. No matter what is taken into account, all that should be deliberate is what directly affects a people. The black that paint Lee are only an instance of a American warrior. Those do not meant to remind, who he was or what he did, that is a avocation of history.

Written by Gian Torres
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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