Salon Expert Advice On Avoiding Big Hair Mistakes At Home

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In a latest emanate of Real Style Magazine, we share recommendation from tip Canadian salon experts on avoiding some of a biggest (and many common) hair mistakes. Read an mention below.


As we transition from a tedium of winter to a liughtness of spring, it’s strictly time for hair makeover. After all, beauty truly starts from a neck adult with a palatable locks. If we are wondering how to reanimate your signature ‘do this Spring 2018, you’ll wish to equivocate a biggest hair woes to keep your locks looking flawless. Luckily, Real Style spoke to a integrate of Canadian salon experts to find out how to stay divided from these common hair mistakes during home.



For anyone formulation to modernise their demeanour with a conduct of highlights or a new color job, your initial priority should be ensuring that your colour stays in place. According to Cindy Duplantis, Redken partner lead stylist and hairstylist for a Marilyn Denis Show, prohibited collection can means repairs to hair colour and even outcome in an neglected deafening or orange effect.

“Hot collection take out toner, that will means brassiness in blond hair. If we holder your prohibited apparatus above 370 [degrees Fahrenheit], it’s going to take out your colour and it will start to bake your hair. You’ll start to see that shade of brass,” she says.
To revoke a risk of frying your locks (always a misfortune calamity of any beauty lover) while feverishness styling, Duplantis cites a significance of a feverishness protectant product.



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