Samsung ARTIK Unveils Future of Industrial IoT during Embedded World 2018

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NUREMBERG – Embedded World – Feb 26, 2018 Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. will showcase a latest IoT solutions during Embedded World 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany, demonstrating continued movement for a industry-leading Samsung ARTIK™ intelligent IoT platform. Building on a care in IoT solutions, Samsung also announced a enlargement of a ARTIK ecosystem with a further of new partners including HARMAN Connected Services, PTC ThingWorx, MultiTech, Seeed and Greenwave. These partnerships encourage a origination of innovative, pre-integrated products and services to assistance ARTIK business move new products and services to marketplace faster, urge operational efficiency, and renovate their businesses.

“IoT has a intensity to impact millions of individuals, businesses and multitude during vast – and Samsung continues to be during a core of this new technological revolution,” said James Stansberry, Senior Vice President and GM, ARTIK IoT, Samsung Electronics. “Today, enterprises are looking for some-more ways to bond products, precedence information and emanate IoT solutions to boost their competitiveness in a new digital economy. By creation IoT implementations easier and some-more secure, we trust that a Samsung ARTIK intelligent IoT height can clear that intensity for OEMs and resolution providers.”

Key solutions that will be showcased during Embedded World include

  • Industrie 4.0 Asset Monitoring and Virtualization: PTC ThingWorx and Shoreline IoT’s iCast 2 IoT Bridge, as good as other ARTIK-enabled industrial gateway products from HARMAN and RushUp, denote faster time to marketplace for integrated services.
  • Interoperable Smart Building: Solutions built for intelligent workspaces and softened item function by HARMAN Connected Services.
  • Artificial Intelligence: A absolute hardware resolution to capacitate on-device appurtenance training and AI capabilities for applications such as confidence cameras and peculiarity control.
  • ARTIK End-to-End Solutions: The latest capabilities of a ARTIK height demonstrated with Alexa interoperability and a operation of third-party devices.
  • Complete Integrated Security Solution: The ARTIK intelligent IoT height provides one of a many complete, integrated IoT confidence solutions accessible for businesses currently —protecting hardware, software, communications and cloud services. ARTIK protects both products and information remoteness in connected environments, assisting companies say their reputations in a marketplace and, many importantly, a trust and reserve of their customers.

New partners enhance ARTIK-enabled solutions for customers

  • HARMAN Connected Services: Providing integrated gateway solutions for straight markets leveraging ARTIK hardware, software, and cloud services.
  • PTC ThingWorx: Enabling industrial IoT business to implement information to urge operational potency by simplified item monitoring and visualization.
  • Multi-Tech Systems: Smart mobile information connectivity to ARTIK gateway products with a Samsung Starter Kit incorporating ARTIK system-on-modules with a conduit approved Multi-Connect Dragonfly™ mobile LTE Cat 1 modem.
  • Seeed: New Seeed Eagleye 530 ARTIK growth pack allows companies to rise feature-rich proof-of-concept and production-ready products regulating a ARTIK intelligent IoT platform. Pin-compatibility with Raspberry Pi provides entrance to a colourful accessories market.
  • Greenwave Systems: With AXON Predict™ companies can run absolute corner analytics and worldly information management, permitting unconstrained responses on a device in real-time. Greenwave Systems’ AXON Predict runs on all ARTIK 530 and 710 system-on-modules (SoM).

Samsung during Embedded World

The Samsung ARTIK group will showcase a latest IoT solutions, give demos, and accommodate business and partners during Hall 3A-438. If we would like to report a meeting, greatfully click here.

You can also see ARTIK demonstrations during partner locations including RushUP during a ARROW Electronics counter (Hall 4A-340) and Beck IPC GmbH during a EBV Elektronik counter (Hall 3A-229).

For some-more information:

Samsung ARTIK™ platform: and
Samsung ARTIK™ marketplace:

Source: Samsung Newsroom

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