Samsung New 512GB SSD Is Smaller Than A Stamp

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1-BGA_SSD_Main_2_2Samsung pronounced that it has begun mass producing a new 512 GB SSD tinier than a postage stamp. The chip offers adult 512GB storage and is a initial ever to offer NVMe in a BGA package, 256GB and 128GB options are also available.

The chip’s tiny distance doesn’t meant it’ll be slow, Samsungs says a PM971-NVMe will strike 1.5GBps review speeds and 800MBps write speeds that gives ability to send a 5GB video in 3 seconds.

Designed for a subsequent era of super-thin ultrabooks, the PM971-NVMe comes in during 20mm x 16mm x 1.5mm, weighs a gram and contains all essential SSD components including NAND peep memory, DRAM and controller.

Samsung’s categorical concentration for a PM971 is laptops. That’s since this chip won’t need to adjust to fit one of a attention customary slots, it can instead be soldered directly on to a motherboard.