Samsung’s ISOCELL Dual Software Solution Enables Dual Camera Features in a Wider Range of Smartphones

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SEOUL, Korea – Feb 6, 2018 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a universe personality in modernized semiconductor technology, currently introduced a sum twin camera resolution with ISOCELL Dual picture sensors and disdainful program for twin renouned facilities – refocusing (bokeh) and low-light sharpened (LLS). While such twin camera facilities had generally been disdainful to reward smartphones, Samsung’s ISOCELL Dual sensors and a library of disdainful program algorithms capacitate these facilities in revoke cost mobile devices.

“Dual cameras are delivering new and sparkling photo-taking practice on mobile devices,” said Ben K. Hur, clamp boss of System LSI selling during Samsung Electronics. “Samsung’s sum resolution for ISOCELL Dual will make a customers’ product growth routine easier, permitting them to move a many optimized twin camera facilities to a wider operation of consumers.”

Dual camera smartphones have twin picture sensors that constraint opposite light information, enabling new facilities like refocusing and LLS. With these benefits, twin cameras are a flourishing trend in reward mobile devices. However, integrating twin cameras can be a formidable routine for strange apparatus manufacturers (OEM), as it requires time-consuming optimization between a OEMs and opposite vendors building a sensors and algorithm software. Samsung’s sum twin camera resolution will facilitate that routine and capacitate mid- to entry-level mobile inclination to take advantage of certain camera facilities especially accessible in reward inclination versed with an additional picture vigilance processor.

To accelerate growth and revoke optimization problems with twin camera smartphones, Samsung now offers a industry’s initial sum twin camera solution, with both ISOCELL Dual sensor hardware and sensor-optimized algorithm software. This enables even mid- to entry-level mobile inclination to implement renouned twin camera facilities like refocusing and LLS. Samsung is coupling a refocusing algorithm with a 13 megapixel (Mp) and 5Mp set of picture sensors, and a LLS algorithm with a set of twin 8Mp sensors, to facilitate doing by OEMs.

Source: Samsung Newsroom

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