Samsung’s Smart Belt

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Samsung is scheming to enhance their wearable offerings by introducing a intelligent belt. It is running a crowdfunding debate for it as a apart association called Welt, and according to Samsung it’s a contraction of a difference wellness and belt.

More men might wish a tracker built into a belt, since it can keep tabs on their waistlines, that no smartwatch, band, pendant, or phone can do. A captivating sensor can lane your waist in genuine time that allows WELT to keep tabs on your eating habits.

It also can tell when you’re in need of a transformation break. After a prolonged lay a messenger app will remind we to get adult for exercise. It comes in a accumulation of colors and styles.

The Kickstarter crowdfunding debate is ongoing and has already surpassed the strange idea of $30,000. It will boat to we in Jan — presumption things go according to plan. The promo video is below.

Source: Kickstarter