Scapegoat or Spy? Vatican Consultant Commands Attention during Leaks Trial

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A communications consultant, Ms. Chaouqui was partial of an eight-member elect determined by Francis in Jul 2013 to examination a Vatican’s mercantile and executive structures and breeze recommendations for reform. His preference to designate Ms. Chaouqui to a organisation lifted eyebrows since she was seen as too many of an outsider. She now says that she is being set adult by her enemies inside a Vatican and that a box opposite her is “political.”

Saint Peter’s Square in Vatican City.

Nadia Shira Cohen for The New York Times

“I am a scapegoat,” she pronounced in a new talk during a home of her Vatican lawyer, Laura Sgro’, in Rome. “The prosecutors haven’t constructed one singular bit of justification that shows that we gave a request from A to B.”

When a Vatican heat testified that Ms. Chaouqui certified in November, when she was quickly arrested, that she had given papers to one of a journalists, she retorted in probity that a “documents” had been tickets to a Vatican event.

She says she believes that she worked usually for a good of a church, and that a charge and recommendations of her elect have been thwarted by inaction.

“My elect detected and denounced unequivocally critical crimes” to Vatican prosecutors and financial regulators that were never acted upon, she pronounced in a interview.

“I illusory that Vatican probity would take movement opposite these people who committed financial crimes that are unequivocally serious, distant some-more than those created up” in a Vatileaks books, she added. “But until now zero has happened, during slightest as distant as we know.”

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Several other members of a commission, that was disbanded after 10 months, carrying finished a mandate, did not respond to emails or declined to comment.

The recommendations of a elect led to a origination in Feb 2014 of a Secretariat for a Economy, that oversees all of a Vatican’s mercantile and executive activities.

It also endorsed a reorder of a Vatican’s media operations, that has begun.

Prosecutors insist that Ms. Chaouqui conspired with another member of a committee, Msgr. Lucio Ángel Vallejo Balda, and his secretary, Nicola Maio — both also confronting 15 years in jail — to form a sly run that leaked papers to journalists.

But Ms. Sgro’, Ms. Chaouqui’s lawyer, pronounced a charge had not nonetheless explained “what advantage her customer would achieve” from this arrangement.

Gianluigi Nuzzi, a publisher charged with receiving leaked trusted information about a Vatican.

Nadia Shira Cohen for The New York Times

Critics contend that Ms. Chaouqui, by Monsignor Vallejo Balda, was attempting to concrete her position within a Holy See even after a elect she was partial of had been disbanded. Ms. Chaouqui called a speculation laughable. “Employees of a curia make around 2,000 euros a month, that is what we acquire in reduction than a week,” she scoffed. “It’s transparent that wouldn’t be my aspiration.”

The whirl of innuendo churned adult around her has been as constrained as it is contradictory. When he took a mount in March, Monsignor Vallejo Balda recounted that Ms. Chaouqui had told him that she was a tip Italian spy. He also spoke of a night in a Florentine hotel during that — “acting seductively” — Ms. Chaouqui “wanted to conquer me during any cost.”

“I know that this night of adore was a thing that many scandalized open opinion, though it’s all unequivocally false,” Ms. Chaouqui pronounced in a interview, rolling her eyes. Her encounters with Monsignor Vallejo Balda were partial of a “normal operative relationship” between members of a same commission, she said. “I never wanted a pursuit in a curia. we wanted to move my reforms forward.”

After operative for several prestigious Italian law firms handling their open relations, and afterwards for a veteran services organisation Ernst Young, Ms. Chaouqui set adult her possess communications plan company. It counted tip entrepreneurs, private confidence companies and governments as clients, she said.

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Her certification do not seem to have tender a Vatican court.

“Did we have a sense that she was full of prohibited air?” a presiding judge, Giuseppe Dalla Torre, recently asked a witness. The declare responded that, in fact, Ms. Chaouqui had done good on her guarantee to move a supervision apportion to revisit a project.

Soon after her selection, a Italian media published a array of adverse messages, purportedly from Ms. Chaouqui’s Twitter account, including one suggesting that Benedict had leukemia, and that a former Italian supervision apportion was gay.

She claims that her comment was hacked, and that a messages were partial of a incomparable dossier put together by her enemies to disprove her with a pope. She steady a avowal in probity in May, and again on her Facebook account, to explain because she had been unjustly brought to trial.

The Rev. Federico Lombardi, a executive of a Vatican Press Office, warned in a matter in May that her accusations were “calumnious affirmations — they are positively unacceptable, and theme to authorised action.”

Ms. Chaouqui discharged criticisms that she has been too sprightly on her amicable media accounts in perplexing to rebut a accusations that have been lifted in court, that she sees as partial of a insulting debate opposite her. “I am not a nun. we am a communicator,” she said. “Vatileaks has turn a many critical communications plan of my life.”

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