Scientists Sequence Genome of Snail That Spreads Parasitic Worm

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An general group of scientists, including a researcher from Berkeley Lab, have characterized a genome of Biomphalaria glabrata, a freshwater snail that transmits a parasitic worm obliged for a spreading illness schistosomiasis, also famous as snail fever.

Biomphalaria glabrata, a freshwater snail that carries a parasitic flatworm obliged for a spreading illness schistosomiasis. Image credit: Tom Kennedy and Coen Adema/UNM

The genome research could assistance researchers interrupt a life cycle of Schistosoma mansoni, a parasitic flatworm transmitted to humans by hit with infested freshwater.

The snails lift a worm eggs, that induce in freshwater and can dig a skin of humans. Inside a tellurian host, a worm can lead to anemia, abdominal bleeding, and increase of a liver and lungs, among other complications.

The investigate was led by Coen Adema during a University of New Mexico. Berkeley Lab’s Monica Munoz-Torres led a biocuration of initial information and novel associated to a structure and localization of a snail’s genes.

“We supposing guideposts that helped brand possibilities for a genes in this study,” pronounced Munoz-Torres, a bioinformatics scientist in a Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology Division.

To do this, she relied on an open-source genome assessment editor called Apollo. The free, web-based program was initial expelled 5 years ago by Berkeley Lab scientists to support a community-based curation of genomes, and is now used by thousands of scientists all over a world.

The World Health Organization records that some-more than 240 million people worldwide, especially in pleasant and subtropical climates, need surety diagnosis for schistosomiasis.

To review a Nature Communications study, click here.

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