See Dolce & Gabbana’s New Fall 2016 Fashion Campaign

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Photo: dolcegabbana on Instagram 

Since Dolce Gabbana is famous for a concentration on normal Italian style, it frequency comes as a warn that a Milan-based conform residence as incited to a city of Naples as a latest inspiration. For Fall 2016, Dolce Gabbana has denounced ads that showcase a southern Italian city in all a excellence and splendor.

According to, a photos were shot by Italian photographer Franco Pagetti and underline models connecting with unchanging Naples residents.

On their central Instagram account, Dolce Gabbana also common dual snapshots from a newly suggested campaign. In one photo, womanlike models jolt in a stylish dim pantsuit, classical black midi dress and a lush red printed frock. The brunette beauties association with Napoli locals, who wear all demeanour of travel clothes from jeans to weave sweaters.


Photo: dolcegabbana on Instagram 

Meanwhile, a second print focuses on a cackle of well-dressed and expertly neat masculine models, who are speckled in a marketplace with an comparison Italian lady. Surprisingly, a unchanging folks in a ads competition other brands, such as Armani and Louis Vuitton. However, a concentration is on a pointy new Dolce and Gabbana digs, that truly take a spotlight.

For anyone who has been longing a sartorial escape, a new Dolce Gabbana conform debate only might offer an authentic mural of a streets of Italy!