See Johnny Depp Prank Wife Amber Heard

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been a integrate given they met on a set of The Rum Diary in 2012, and were married earlier this year. The year hasn’t always been good to them however, what with Depp having problems attracting audiences to his movies, and a integrate confronting authorised troubles in Australia due to illegally importing Depp’s dogs, though they still know how to to have fun with one another. In this shave performed by Entertainment Tonight of a array Overhaulin’ Depp helps antic his wife, by creation her trust her automobile was stolen.

Heard was led to trust that she was a plant of a automobile theft, after a policeman told her that her dear Mustang had been stolen. Depp was in on a prank, and played along with a clandestine hosts of Overhaulin’. The prolonged using array facilities hosts who rise a device to take a automobile into their emporium that they afterwards renovate into something nicer. In a video Heard tells a officer to get her automobile back, and afterwards undone even some-more when he tries to take a selfie with her. Depp is all smiles when he gets to be a partial of a selfie too.

Of march when it comes to an finish Heard doesn’t utterly know how to take it. “I’m overwhelmed,” she says, “I can’t trust it. I’m blown away… I’m speechless, we can’t trust it. Well played tricksters.”