SeedSphere Ventures to behind early theatre investment for start-ups

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SeedSphere Ventures LLP, a vital consulting firm, announced a skeleton to support early theatre investment for startups and will provide active mentoring in tellurian business best practices, yield vital support in meeting legal, taxation and regulatory requirements.



As a preface to serve investments, SeedSphere Ventures has already picked adult a minority interest in Noida-based lifestyle startup 1to1Fitness. “For any startup, a initial support in terms of legal, taxation and regulatory issues along with handling their appropriation routine is a really essential. Avoidable disputes between promoters, investors and even pivotal employees have done this kind of use even more critical. By bridging this opening along with providing vital support through mentoring we are staid to broach a singular value tender in a startup ecosystem” pronounced Sumit Maheshwari, co-founder, SeedSphere Ventures.

SeedSphere will yield investment consulting to budding entrepreneurs essentially in healthcare, logistics, IT products and services, food-tech, and sell domains. The venture skeleton to move together high net value people (HNI), and companies eager to deposit in these categories of businesses.
“Significant expansion is approaching in these domains, and converging is expected in coming years. We believe, loyal businessman appetite will be unleashed if business environment is simplified, and we are aiming to broach innovative engagement models and yield auspicious ecosystem to startups, assisting them achieve unprecedented business momentum”, pronounced Mr Niket Agrawal, co-founder, SeedSphere Ventures.

Some of a other critical issues that SeedSphere would yield consultant guidance would be structuring a authorised entities and stakes of a promoters, shareholder agreements inter-se between promoters, and transactional support in a investment process and others.