Sensor-loaded Toothbrush Maps Your Mouth

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2-brushing-in-the-darkPhilips introduced a Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected, a toothbrush with sensors that lane brushing on a 3D mouth-map to inspire consummate verbal care. It uses sensors to lane brushing habits in genuine time, that are means to detect a plcae of a brush within a mouth, brushing technique and vigour being applied.

The Toothbrush connects to a concomitant mobile app around Bluetooth and a information constructed by a sensors provides a personalized 3D mouth-map for a users. The app lets them know when they are brushing too quick or too hard, identifies areas of a mouth that they have missed and coaches them on improving their brushing technique.

Once brushing is complete, a app will give a post-brushing research that will yield superintendence about aspects in that users can urge and brand areas of a mouth that need some-more attention. A personalized “TouchUp” feature, encourages users to go over spots they’ve missed.

The ultimate aim of this toothbrush is to assistance users urge their brushing regime. Also there’s no word nonetheless on when a brush will be done available, or how most it will cost.


Source: Philips