SERIOUSLY Giant Alligator Ambles Across A Golf Course…Is This Even Real Life?

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If there’s one place we don’t wish to run opposite a giant, 15-foot alligator, it’s on a pleasing golf march in balmy Florida. Sadly (or awesomely, depending on your feelings about alligators), that’s accurately what happened during Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida, yesterday afternoon.

Golfer Charles Helms and a crony were enjoying a pleasing day out on a immature when a large invertebrate done a chilling appearance. Helms was so repelled by a creature’s distance that he was assured that it had to be a antic of some sort.

And when we see this footage, we substantially won’t trust your eyes either.


(via The Guardian)

Apparently, this large gator is seen sincerely frequently around Buffalo Creek. One worker even refers to it as a unaccepted mascot of a golf course!