She Got A Huge Scare Walking Down The Street. But Trust Me — It Ended Awesomely

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Coming adult with a singular approach to introduce to a adore of your life is apropos harder and harder. You don’t wish to do something ordinary that will confuse we when your to-be associate tells a story.

While many people opt for a regretful route, this man came adult with a less…well-traveled approach to warn his girlfriend. It was only a bit scarier than she competence have hoped for. He unequivocally wanted to rile adult a adore of his life before he popped a question.

I can’t tell if she’s great out of fear or happiness…

That was a large risk for Alec. Most women we know would have slapped me and pronounced “NO!” if we popped a doubt this way. Luckily for him, he has a fiancée that understands him and gets his humor.