She Pointed Her Camera At The Moon And Captured Something So Beautiful

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As scholarship and record have continued to allege around a years, so have a capabilities of a inclination we use each day.

There’s no improved instance of this than a expansion of a iPhone, or some-more specifically, a phone’s camera. Over a years, Apple had modernized a iPhone’s camera to concede even a many pledge photographers to furnish museum-quality masterpieces, or in a box of Melissa Long, something fit for a china screen.

Long was enjoying a night exploring a stars with her Celestron telescope when she beheld a craft coming a moon. Never one to pass adult a good opportunity, Long switched her phone’s video camera into slow-mo and filmed a aircraft channel a face of a moon.

This is overtly so relaxing to watch.

(via Daily Mail)

While many of us are regulating the cellphone cameras for selfies, Long is putting her tech to good use.