She Thought Getting A Puppy Was Great Enough, But Then She Saw Something Even Better

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This epic offer provides a whole new definition to a word “puppy love.”

If we asked many women that they’d prefer, a puppy or to get engaged, many women would substantially select a latter. But because not have both? That’s accurately what happened to gullible bride-to-be Lacey Peter when her long-term boyfriend, John Higbee, brought home a puppy. But while reading a dog’s name tag, she got an even bigger warn when she looked adult to see Higbee on one knee seeking her to be his wife.

Peter common a romantic offer on amicable media with a caption, “A puppy and a fiancé all in one day!?”

(via Daily Mail)

We wish a puppy and Peter a best of fitness on a happy destiny together. Oh and her fiancé, too!