She Threatened To Kill Everyone On Her Flight For The Most Ridiculous Reason

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You know how some people who are perplexing to quit smoking contend they’d kill for a cigarette? Well, this lady wasn’t joking when she threatened passengers and organisation on her moody from Portland to Sacramento.

On Dec 9, a Southwest Airlines moody attendant on Flight 2943 held 24-year-old Valerie Curbelo smoking in a plane’s restroom. She’d reportedly also been tampering with a fume detector. When a organisation done her go behind to her seat, she ripped an oxygen facade out of a roof and began screaming, going as distant as to direct a craft land immediately.

“I will kill everybody on this fucking plane!” she yelled. She had to be calm for 30 mins after a video ended.


(via The Salt Lake Tribune)

The pilots finished adult creation an puncture alighting in Sacramento, a initial destination. Police during a airfield arrested Curbelo on a transgression assign of creation a genocide threat. When a contributor visited her in jail and asked because she’d done such a scene, she didn’t have most of an answer besides chalking it adult to anxiety.